Monday, July 20, 2009

Your Guardian Angel Is One of Your Spirit Guides

Guardian Angels

Are Guardian Angels the same as a Spirit Guide or Teacher Guide? Well, Guardian Angels and Angels are spiritual beings who are very present in our lives and in a class all by themselves. What makes them angelic is that they have never incarnated on Mother Earth, unlike our Spirit Guides and teachers. Their affiliation is with the elemental kingdom, such as; nature spirits, gnomes, fairies, sylphs, water sprites, etc. The nature kingdom lives in a universal realm, parallel to ours, and they evolve in their realm, as we do in ours.

Our personal Guardian Angel is with us from birth until we make our transition home, as is our Gatekeeper - once again not to be confused with each other. Guardian Angels has never had a physical incarnation, while our Gatekeeper, guides and teachers have had many a lifetime in physical form. Guardian Angels hold no ego, anger, frustration or negativity; it is not and cannot be within their own cosmic makeup of the angelic realms. On the other hand, spirit guides understand those displayed sensations from their own incarnation upon Mother Earth, where they too once held those physical emotions.

Guardian Angels are to keep us on our path of light in all we do. If you are in a work atmosphere that is not good right now, you Guardian Angel has been giving you messages, signs and symbols to let you know they too understand this and are trying to steer you in the right direction. This may be to make amends of the energy at work, to guide you to that new and better job, to stay put until things blow over, etc… When you are in a relationship and you just feel that it is not right, Your Guardian Angel is there giving you support to keep you strong for you to be to leave the situation in peace with no harm to none. Or may have you look at the situation from a fresh perspective to see all of it in the light of truth. Your Guardian Angel will not allow anything to come to you before it is your time.

Your Guardian Angel is always there waiting for you to ask assistance in anyway possible, no Angel or guide may intercede with the exception of your Guardian Angel if you are in harms ways before your time. No matter what. And because of free will of choice no angel or guide may assist you without your permission. They are just waiting for you to ask them whatever it is they may assist you with. And then watch as you will be lead to one place or another for the best possible outcome. You will be given all that you need, just remember to ask.

As your Guardian Angel is a guide to you in keeping you filled with light as you go about your day, keep you safe from harms touch and keeping you in touch with the Angelic Realms. Ask your Guardian Angel to visit with you and show you a sign. Be open to receive what is being given to you. It may be a card someone send sot you in the mail that has an Angel picture on it. It may be a sweet smelling flower floating by. It may even be meeting someone whose name is Angel. Now what a nice day that will be, open yourself to greet your Guardian Angel and you will always know you have an Angel and Guardian by your side!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele