Tuesday, July 14, 2009

From Birth to Transition this Spirit Guide is with you

The Gatekeeper Guide

The first guide in the band is called Gatekeeper, or Doorkeeper.

This particular spirit guide/teacher is with you from birth until you make your transition home, just as your guardian angel does, but, please do not confuse the two.

This spirit guide is your overall protector, and looks out for your best interest and holds you close so no harm may come to you. Very often when you see a gatekeeper guide around someone, the guide will stand behind or in front of that person, wearing a voluminous cape, with lots of enveloping folds. Which then, this guide will wrap the cape around the individual, which automatically signals a feeling of protection and identifies the guide as a gatekeeper.

A Gatekeeper guide knows your contract from start to finish and most likely has been your Gatekeeper in previous lifetimes, but not all of them. A Gatekeeper is a very large tall being, he and or she energy. A Gatekeeper is so tall that most times their knees are through the ceiling of your home. This one may be male or female energy and it does not matter what gender you are. My own Gatekeeper is predominantly male; I have met many who like to carry the energy of both genders. This can be very enlightening as the individual who has that Gatekeeper guide may not always know their own minds. The nationality of a Gatekeeper can vary from Eastern Indian, Romanian, and Norwegian to Hungarian, Arabic, English to Scottish and more. They really do not discriminate. It is in the eyes of the beholder and that which brings you much comfort.

A Gatekeeper will allow you to make every mistake you can make without interference. As this is the way it works, you have free will of choice. You must ask for the assistance of any guide for them to be able to intercede in different areas of your life. The more you get to know any of your guides the more they will be there on your behalf in everything you do.

You will also find the Gatekeeper will have characteristics similar to your own. The Gatekeeper is the one who gives his consent or non-consent to the visiting clients - guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit, to communicate in a reading with the medium. When an individual is in a reading session it will be up to that individuals Gatekeeper as to what messages are being brought in. So many things are for you to see, know and understand during your reading. If your Gatekeeper says that it is important for you to know at that time, you will. If they Gatekeeper say there is a bigger message to be heard, that message will be heard before anything else. No matter how bad you want to hear something else. Remember it is your Gatekeeper that allows all messages to be delivered for a reason.

Honor and trust your Gatekeeper in all you do and you will always be on the right path in your life.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele