Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Soul Aura Private Readings with Adele

Soul Energetic Aura Private Readings

If you have never had a Soul Aura Private Reading then you need to check this out.
As a Visionary Messenger I can see all kinds of things wherever I look and whatever I look at……so I do not see the physical individual in front of me , I see your Soul Energetic Aura and the beauty that shines thru is more amazing than anyone understands. It has a lifeline that lets me know so much about you that I love to share with you. And when it comes to those who say that there is dark or bad energy in your aura…well you need to understand the aura.. your soul aura…more to know that this is just not always true. And then again, the way I see your soul energetic aura’s is not the way others do.
Check it out, make an appointment and lets take a look at Your Soul Energetic Aura together today….
This very special Soul Energetic Aura is an ancient and old form of private readings that is tailored and designed just for you in mind. As a Visionary Medium, Adele opens herself up to let you know what your soul aura is saying about you. What aura colors are vibrating within and around you as you journey thru your life. What past lives you have lived and how that corresponds to your life right now. How soul auras can change everyday just as you do and what colors draws others to you. How to keep a fresh and clean soul aura, and the vibrational energetic soul aura that makes you uniquely you.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele
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New Beginnings here at Angelic Wise Ones®

New Beginnings here at Angelic Wise Ones®

New Beginnings for the Visionary Messenger here at Angelic Wise Ones®

As time has come and gone, everyone grows and everyone needs to let go of what no longer serves them, which applies to us too. Over the past four years there have been so many changes and thru it all not only have you been there, but I have been here too. Even though it may not have seemed that we were as productive with our work as I live what I teach and teach what I live, so I was not going to allow the energies of everything my children, friends and close family went thru to infect our work with the Universe and my Angelic Wise Ones®. So it is time to say goodbye to all that was as all that is, is here…
I have to laugh as thru the years so many times I see those who are call themselves Light Workers be many things but Light, and I sent them love and peace as I shake my head at how many would write about others being in ego or negative to those with which they themselves were in ego or negative for writing it. You know what I mean? So sad as we are all in this world together and we are all here for our soul journey. Why is it so hard to support one another and truly mean it? Why is it so hard to accept the good in someone who has never served you any harm?
Just as mass media serves to better their own self, the mass media placing harm around the World in the name of fear, so too do those with whom say they are the light. How do you know which ones are really of the light? Hard to say as we are not here to judge, just make an observance of what has been projected to many, and then to serve and enlighten many along the way.
For these past four years or so, I have kept working and quiet about many things, I have watched as the populace laid their judgments upon that which they did not know. For if you knew me, if you had worked with me, if you had read my work and channeling, then you would not have gotten on the bandwagon within the physical earthly negations to defame or lay falseness where there was none. For no matter what is done to me, I shall not return it to you the same way. I shall send you love, peace and blessings. Words were sent around, of hate, ignorance, maliciousness and more…and from the receiving end of all that to harm not only me, but my children, friends and close family, I still live what I teach and teach what I live. It was not my place to exchange the ugliness that went around, as many of Light wanted me to come onto their blog/website forums and argue my case…lol…what case? I left a marriage where my children and I were on the receiving end of abuse. Were we to continue to stay?
And if you are of the Light of the Universe, then you know and understand Alchemy, do you not?
Everyone talks about stepping into their power, but when one does so, the darkness of opposition lashes out to try to bring them to their knees. And the darkness likes to take as many with them as they do. So yes, the darkness lashed out at me, us for saying we were no longer going to live with the abuse…lashing out and gravitating like a gyro out of control to hit us where it believes it counted the most and with nine against one, then twenty against one, the filth flew from their mouths, minds and hearts. In its path of destruction to spit out venom and cruelties, gathering individuals along the way to assist it, the ending was near and the ending did not bring the power down, only made it stronger in mind, body and soul.
For I listened as the Light of the Universe said… “Allow that which is of the darkness to spew its ugliness as you not look into its eyes, for no matter what, you shall be saved, believe and we shall serve”. With The Angelic Wise Ones® and the Blessed Mother Mary at my side, I went within their loving energies to explore a whole new energy of Light and we stand in our power more than ever.
For as we are of the Light of the Universe, the Light of the Universe then says…“So Be It”…we all know this, we all use it and hear it all over the place, where are you in the Light of the Universe? Where do you cleanse your soul upon Mother Earth to allow the indignity to be cleansed from you body, mind and spirit? Where are you whole and healed? Is it time to do a Soul Light inventory, to step back and see the Soul Light as it is to be seen? How pure is that Soul Light within, for as Light Workers there is to be no harm to none, is there not?
Times are here for New Beginnings every moment of our life, it is time to be NEW, and right now this energy is supporting the Newness in all of us. It is bringing with it a cleansing so strong that it knocks you off your feet to give over…to give like never before. Refreshing!
We are at a crux in this world and the energies are supporting all that we are placing within the Light of the Universe. Where are your thoughts, words, deeds and actions, seriously???
Are you within the boundaries of professing one thing and doing another? Of being that which you say you are, but in truth not totally aware any longer? The physicalness of humanity is on the border of an acclimation of expansion that it is severing so many, in more ways than one. Please do not allow that energy to be hidden from your own view, do not allow to not see it…within your own heart and soul.
So many say they can see, so many say they know, and to them I say, what is it you see …what is it you know? For within the soul lies doubt, fear, unsettling and that is what I have seen these past four years from those who have called themselves Light, that is what I have watched, listened and learned from. I may have not been allowing myself to bring through the energies to give all the words of the Angelic Wise Ones® to the world like before during this time, with the exception of those who loving stood by our side, but I have watched, listened and learned…I never left the Light of the Universe… I never forgot to where that Light comes from. For I have given myself whole unto that which I am here to do…. Have You?
Life is Refreshing if you allow it to be…..We are New and you haven’t seen anything yet.
May you always be Blessed with the Light of the Universe deep within You.

Love, Laughter, Light™, Adele

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

April to the End

Hi Angels,

I do hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and getting out to breathe in
the freshness.

As the beginning of the year seems to have flown by, I do hope everyone
has been able to accomplish many things as we go deeper into this year.
April is one of those months that will seem to be really really good or
...well…there are exceptions to every rule, right? Just keep your heads up
and allow time to think on things before the reaction that could magnify
energies and tempers when it is not really needed…that is
where we need to keep the energy flowing.

So what do you promise yourself right now for the summer months that are
ahead of us? Even though we always live in the moment of the energy it is
okay to go ahead and plan a few things too. If we focus and center
ourselves around being our most productive self, seeking true and genuine
answers, and allow ourselves to seek truth then we shall not be burden
with the enormity of the pressures of those around us. We can then allow
ourselves to enjoy the spiritual experience even more so. It is okay to be
clear to yourself and those around you about who you are and what you are
about. It is okay to step right up and know the direction you are going.
It is okay to be the voice inside that always will take pride in who you
are with no negotiations. So why not allow that inner child voice a chance
to be heard? And the main individual that needs to hear it is your own

Why not give yourself a chance to finally live once and for all?

No more allowing others to rent that space within your heart and mind, no
more allowing others to take a piece of you, chew it up and spit it out to
tell you that is what you are and what you need t accept. No more allowing
your own self to keep you blinded in misery when there is so much more to
you and so much more Love that you have to give not only to others , but
also to your own self. So what if others do not like it? As long as you
are not giving harm to others then no harm shall be given to you, by you.
Get it?

Now, lets place your feet squarely on the floor and move them to the age
old rhythm of seeking, exploring, accepting, doing and accomplishing the
greater gift of the loving you!

As I have said before, we are changing many things here at Angelic Wise
Ones®, be ready…We have waited so long for things to roll within this
energy and our patience has been very successful. I cannot wait to share
even more with you.

Let’s just all good things we wait, in all good things we shall be…

We are going to be sending out an Angelic Special soon, so keep watch, you
are going to Love it!

I have been collaborating with an artist friend with a new series of books
I am working on, and there are days when I just need a breath of fresh
air….There are days when life is so personal that just a little hint shall
do…and there are those days when we all need to sit back and ask “ Is this
for my highest and best and to that of those around me”…so I will also be
having coffee/tea with those who are interested in sharing and getting
updates or have something interesting to talk about, so look for those
updates around town, you just never know where I will be…so check my
Instagram, Twitter and Face Book page of Angelic Wise Ones® to see
everywhere we shall be next….

Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2014©Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Angelic Bold and Beautiful

Angelic Bold and Beautiful

That’s right its Angelic bold and beautiful time…..

Get ready for this year is about to explode all around you with an energy that is about to expose even more than ever before.

Hello Angels, Whew…feels good to stretch and get the energies flowing. So many articles and channeling’s that have just been waiting to share with you. And even more so the attitude of a new Angelic Wise Ones® that has been stirring up some energies of newness everywhere we go. We have been out and asking you what it is that you would like to see, know and experience this year of 2014 and at the same time you have been seeing a new light under the guidance of the Angelic Wise Ones® that leaves many of you speechless and others applauding.

Do not expect the same things this coming year with the way everything is unfolding, we are busy at work, we are experiencing some wonderful upgrades of energy and we are speaking about what is you need to hear. So if now is the time you do not want to hear the truth then keep on clicking thru the world-wide-web as I am not holding back what needs to be said.

In saying this lets talk Sylvia Browne

I’m surprised as to the individuals who like to say they are getting direct communications (messages) or channeling from a famous celebrity as not to see more of them channeling in Sylvia. They always crack me up…especially when Michael Jackson passed away. There has to be a personal connection. They still do not get that. And then again, there is not too many good reviews with Sylvia in the news, which others will want to stay away from as not to connect their name with her. Well, she is apart of our childhood and she is a part of our spiritual learning world. Good, bad or indifferent… Her name was Sylvia Browne and she was an Internationally known Psychic who has transitioned to the spirit world in which many still seek answers.

I have a bookshelf with all of her books, that is, I inherited them when my Mom passed away about eight years ago. She loved Sylvia and I am sure they are both talking together right now. My mom never missed a Montel Williams show when Sylvia was on. She would call me up and say “Sylvia’s on Montel”. I knew I had to turn on the TV and find the channel or she would be upset. Now mind you, I said I had a bookshelf full and I do. I have not read them, well…the ones from a long time, many years, eons ago… I did read. I found them interesting and at the same time repetitive. But, anyone seeking anything that was remotely familiar in what they were going thru, turned to Sylvia. Face it, I do not know anyone who does not have a Sylvia Browne book on their bookshelf. She was the matriarch of spirit in today’s platform. A door opener to show you the way to talk to spirit and to hear from her spirit guide Francine all about what goes on, on the other side. I have no problem with the old Sylvia Browne and I am not here to disrespect her. I am here as a Medium and a Visionary at that, to give my side of the story. As I said, Sylvia was the TV Psychic Matriarch in today’s world of spirit communication. She broke ground, brought all of it into your home to view and for you to decide, what you decided she was or was not. You either liked her or not. It was all your choice to turn her off or stayed tuned in…As I said I was comfortable with the old Sylvia before she went big time with a big publishing house. Many times I did sit and watch her on Montel as they years went by and I was saddened by what I saw. I saw an audience being enticed to give all the details for Sylvia to just give a short clipped answer that anyone could have given. I saw desperate people seeking answers not realizing that they gave too much information away to get an answer they really needed. And no one can forget her fingernails or how she would dig into her ears with them…lol…these are things that you do when you do not realize what you are doing. It’s all about the focus.

 I saw an audience that would have given anything for Sylvia to be real with them, if they even understood what that meant. I witnessed individuals time and time again that just sat there as if she was a being like no other, and basically she was.  From an outsider’s point of view, you just knew this. You saw how they would stand there waiting for anything from her to make that connection…and that is just it; you never saw a real connection. It was like a blank canvas waiting for someone to create it, to run up with paintbrushes and allow the message to come alive. For someone like me, it was the hardest as I would get the answers before they started to even talk to her, and when I heard her answers I would just sit there an shake my head. And you can see why over they years there was so much controversy with her and the messages. And I understand some of it too.

Whenever I meet someone, a group of individuals and they ask what I do, it will depend on how I am feeling, what I am doing or why I am out and about. I will usually tell them I am an author or spiritual teacher. And then there are those times when I just say “ I talk to dead people” . The reactions vary from OMG... wow... awesome... or I will hear them say “ok then, tell me about myself right now, tell me what my grandmother is saying to me”. Now let me just say, there are differences with all of this as sometimes the individual is very excited and genuine. Most times though the individual(s) is being rude or is trying to test me. When this later happens I just sit there and think to myself “well you just blew it…I am not a monkey to jump to answer you and I do not have to prove myself”… to them I usually end up walking away. To the ones who are genuine, I like to talk a few minutes with them to see what their energies are saying before I decide to extend myself or not. Either way, unless I approach you or find that I need to tell you something then, no, I am not going to stand there and give you messages to prove what I do is awesome. And yes, I do need your permission in order to give you what I am receiving, but, understand my life is “ON” 24/7 and I love talking about what I do, in fact I enjoy it, I could fill your whole day or night up. But I was once told by a very amazing women to always be conscious of someone s time. This has stayed with me, so I do not like to waste your time as much as I do not like when someone waste mine. 

And too many times when watching Sylvia on TV I knew my time was being wasted and then again was it? It made my Mom happy to share this with me and as my Angelic Wise Ones® always let me know…“There is a reason for everything, sit back and enjoy the show”. So I did and I learned so much from those episodes. The greatest thing I did learn was to never send harm to another, for one day you may be the one that is in harms way.

As I sit here I look back at the lessons learned from watching Sylvia and I am saddened that most people do not get it, especially in the world in which we as Mediums live. She let us know that what others call a gift, it is our life that we live and breathe. And no matter what happens in life, we keep on breathing…

God Bless and may your journey home have been one in which you have always written…in Love.

Keeping it Angelic Bold and Beautiful Today!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie


All Rights Reserved 2014©Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

Welcome and Hello to 2014

Welcome and Hello to 2014.

Here we go again…Welcome to 2014! It does not matter who you are and what you do, no one is immune to the energies that have been with us and shall continue to rise ahead and over all that shall live the lands of times here on Mother Earth.

Wow, we made it and here we go again, as everywhere I go I hear everyone say  “I am so glad 2013 is done, hello 2014”…I have to laugh at that as what did you leave behind that you are so glad that it is over and finished? And more importantly what shall be different than that which you have left behind? For this energy that is here with us is never the beginning or the end….but the re-begin of you

We have all left a lot behind us in 2013 and hopefully it is good stuff to bring 2014 in with a wonderful resonating energy that shall continue onward. We have built, directed, created, thrown out, organized, stepped up and out and kept going. We said what we have to say and for many there was nothing that needed to be said. We have given over all that we are and all that we need to be delivering into the eternity of the Holy Trinities.  Many will be brushing themselves off and wondering what happened as they step into 2014, so much so that I can understand why they say they are glad 2013 is behind them.

2013 was all about the Holy Trinity energies. This energy is the acclimation of energies we have been receiving and living thru for the past five years and it is headed (as we have said so before), into the accretion of Christ itself. The time when everything was exposed and no stone was left unturned. A time to willing condemn those around you while you turn the mirror of your own reflection away, and why not, no one wants to really see their own truths or deceit. In 2013 we lived within the electric cobalt white energies that opened up in the Holy Trinity to expose, seek and destroy all falseness that was lurking about and it only gets better as 2014 will bring the acclimation of their untruths to not just be shown, but to be eradicated once and for all. With the Hoy Trinity the portals were opened in triple sets of threes. A time when the dimensional portals were extended far beyond what we have seen before. A tunnel of emerging Ascended Master energies that not only sought out those to which would blind others with a falseness of deceit, but to place them within reach of their own deceit. A vortex of Ascended Masters that reached beyond what humankind has seen before and stood tall before those who illuminated the Holy Trinity within. A conservatory of gazing into light so rare and pure, that you needed to be free of the bonds of falseness that held you, to behold the purification of the physical-ness which precedes the magnificent glory of the Christ. So at times if you believed you were purging more than once this past 2013, then be grateful that you had done so, for your physical-ness was being prepared to receive and receive you shall. A time of the kaleidoscope energies of children, ever changing into the energies in which we set forth that is deeded and done.   

An amazing energy to see and be apart of, as we all were. We all were apart of these energies to grow and to be that which we say that we are. A time when our own truths lead us in the direction of our hearts knowing, or guided us to the path with no ending in sight, to be stalled once again. A Holy experience of energies that brought us many disclosures for us to choose which direction our journey re-began.

For re-beginning we did do…

So yes, I can see why many would be thankful to believe 2013 is well and gone. Looking back at 2013, so many things were exposed and given freely by those seeking to be the center of the universal portals to bring others along a long road of sluggish energies. But to those of the Holy Trinity energies the doors of champion were glorified once and for all to know that you have not been left behind with no voice to re-begin. Many voices were raised to only hear the void in which it came from. We have talked about all of this for so long that many seem to be living the eons of years ahead, in which they are not living the years in which is presented to them right now.

We have stepped into the Christ energies of 2014…

We re-began to see that world in new ways, new lights, new words and expressions. We re-began to look within to understand where it is we needed to be and to what degree it would serve others. And we re-began the process of stepping out of our shells of servitude to walk in the beginning of the trinity in which we profess our thoughts and words to deed the actions we live. We spiraled into the Holy Trinity with many not even knowing it or giving credence to the magnificent beings present. This is where the ride stops and re-begins, for to be the illumination then you must be illuminated from within.

As we step into 2014 and the Christ Energies more so now than ever before, we are asked to that which you say to be true, is it to be true or to be true in the humility which placed itself in every area of your being to never be forgotten, but to be lived.  We were given exposures of others truths, we were given the stories to connect the dots of understanding, we were given the time to feel what it is like to know truth and to know deceit, and we were given the choice as to which road we walk.  With the choices being made, we are brought into 2014 with a knowing that feels wonderful to shrug off that which is behind and move into that which is the authentic self of Christ…

Welcome to 2014 may you be blessed in the journey of energies of Christ like never before. And may you know which direction is true….to the Christ within you…..


Love, Laughter &  Light™

 Adele Marie


All Rights Resevered2014©Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Holiday Season Special

This Thankful month's Special is Dedicated in Honor to my Angelic Mom, Joan Bellofatto.
When Spirit Guides you to me, they are guiding you to them. Give yourself a gift that your loved ones in Spirit are Thanking you for.
Each day I try to share aspects of my Mom with everything I do, with those I meet and in the journey that I live. My Mom shared…she shared everything in life, the original pay it forward…and to that, in her memory I like to pay it forward by sharing and being Thankful for each one of you as I offer this “Thankful Special” I believe we should be Thankful each and everyday in everything we do, to everything we have, to everyone who we share our lives with and for the life source energy that is within and around…

I am very fortunate as I can see, hear, feel and have an open line of communication with my Mom and my loved ones in spirit. To then be able to share with all of you to have that same connection with your loved ones in spirit, keeps a smile upon my face knowing life is precious and so is the messages you receive.

The relationship I have with my Angelic Wise Ones® and spirit guides allows me to share this thru my private readings, classes, group galleries, workshops and “Spirit Speaks Galleries ™” with all of you, with whom I and my family are very “Thankful”. 

 My Thankful Holiday Season Special begins on November 1, 2013. And I ask you to check it out, share with your family & friends as it is Only available for the month of November ….a month of sharing and Thankfulness from my Mom to each one of you!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele
Angelic Wise Ones®

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2013 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Mediumship Development Course

Hi Angels, 

I have received so many emails asking/requesting when and where I was teaching. Now as many of you know that once I open my doors to teach a Mediumship Development Class, it is something that changes your life forever.
And we all know how life changes on a dime.
We have a New Format coming to you & you will love what is going on here at Angelic Wise Ones®
Not only do we have New Classes, Workshops and Events, but we have News that will fill your soul and allow you to know you are not alone with the changes that are upon us.
I am very excited to open my doors once again to offer Mediumship development classes at two different locations. Classes will be for 8 weeks. These classes are more than just developing Mediumship abilities. It is also about assisting you in answering questions about the spiritual world and yourself. We will be doing exercises, meditations, sharing, meeting your spirit guides, do’s & don’ts, truths and myths, auras, angels, energy, smoke billets and learning a lot of who you are…and my job is to teach you what you would not find anywhere else. I AM excited as I hope you are too.....

 We have Two (2) New Mediumship Development Classes starting:

Friday nights in Arnold, Maryland

Begins: October 4, 2013

Thursday nights in Rockville, Maryland.

Begins:  October 10, 2013

Please email us with any questions that you may have or to Register for one of these locations. Please share with your friends or just drop a line to say Hi, and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele
Angelic Wise Ones®

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2013 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yum Yum Energetic Alphabet Soup….by Adele Marie

Yum Yum Energetic Alphabet Soup….by Adele Marie


I remember growing up with my brothers and cousins sitting at the kitchen table or the front porch at my grandmother’s house and looking down upon my bowl of alphabet soup. Finding a whole world of possibilities floating around at the tip of my spoon, where the letters dodge my every move or appear ready for the taking. With every dip into the warm broth, total concentration etched across my face as I watch the letters I needed slide and sink away in concealment. Being a child of curiosity and liking challenges, never giving up in trying to bring the letters back to the surface as they float around in their home of obscurity and light. We would see who could spell the fastest or create the next word to stump the others. Yelling out when we won in the battle of words. And then the times when all you needed was just one more letter to complete your word and being thrown off balance by it hiding from your view finally deciding to move on to the next word. Laughing and sharing in the moments of our lives. The memories that come to the surface are the memories in which we still live our journey today.

The mirror of images and memories floating around in that soup effectively reflecting today on how it all ties together in our energetic pathway called life. Our journey as children, a teenager and being an adult…the choices that we have made in life to bring us to where we are now. I remember hearing stories when I was younger of someone having skeletons in their closets…I used to laugh as I would run to the closest doors throwing them open and looking for the skeletons that was said to be there…finding nothing. Nope, no skeletons hanging around inside those closets were such a disappointment and then too, it lead me on a journey to understand what those skeletons were. 

I knew that everyone lived their life with goals, some with a one-set mind as they say and others with different agendas than what they seem to place out around them to those individuals aimlessly walking around. So I would start to watch others in how they would deal with life: people, places, events, situations, verbal exchanges and how their energies would bounce all over the place or stay completely indifferent to the surroundings they lived through. Everyone seemed to be covering something up when they were visiting or standing near someone else. Hmmm…as a child this then made me even more curious. But still… no skeletons to be seen in any of the closets.

Growing up I started noticing how individuals would cover their mouths when they spoke to one another and why they did so. Usually when someone was walking past them or standing near. All I knew was the energy was not always placed where it should have been. And all of the electrical currents of energy was amazing to see and feel between individuals. Moreover as far as I could see, still no closest and no skeletons where anywhere near the vicinity.

What I did notice was that an individual’s electrical energy system that would be displayed to me was in a variety of different patterns. I began noticing the difference when someone was happy, sad, angry, lost, humiliated, hiding something from view, altered with alcohol or drugs, untruthful, genuine, depressed, malicious, etc... And then there would be a diagram displayed that showed the route this was being taken and why. Sometimes in plain hard angles and sometimes flowing with such a grace and elegance one could get lost in the moment. I could then start to distinguish the systems of an individual’s energy to locate the source of their despair or happiness, joy and triumphs, death and life. Like bare bones being laid out that interconnect to make the whole. Hmm…a skeletal pattern…some being displayed very clearly and some as being obscure in what was being shown. A mixture just like when I was young and seeking answers in my alphabet soup.

What would happen then would be for me to journey to seek the answers that was always traveling through my mind. The Journey…

We all have a journey here to unfold according to the direction that we travel, whether this is by words and actions or thoughts and creation. We journey through this life with a set of dreams or goals in mind or aimlessly wondering and stumbling through it. Either way we all end up at the same point in time somewhere along the way. We end up living our lives through free will of choice and at the same time, by a society that we are energetically attached to for an outcome that is directed by the choices made before us. The skeletal pattern of mixed alphabet soup remains there to seek within the discoveries that lie waiting. And as far as the old saying of “skeletons in the closet”, well…everyone has them. Everyone has had a journey whether they like it or not of lessons learned and to be learned. A collection of letters that we utilize to express who we are, what we are and why we do what we do. Who then are we to judge another in their journey of creating a better bowl of alphabet soup?

What comes to mind when you think of your bowl of alphabet soup? Memories, so many of memories flooding through your mind that it shall make you laugh no matter that anyone else is around. Everything that you feared to everything that you enjoy.  Good, bad or indifferent they are all there. It is to take what comes at you and see it for what it is and then sending it on its way with as much love as you have. To take all that you have experienced and lived through in joy as the learning lessons to be the better you. For they are your memories of what you have experienced in your lifetime, not that of someone else’s choosing, or is it? Either way, when it all comes down to it, no matter what you believe is in someone’s skeletal closet that they have lived through, it is their skeleton of energetical pathways of their journey here in this lifetime. Celebrate that journey with them as we each live our own.

Take me for an example; I have many names that I have lived in this lifetime. Some names are given to me through marriage some by the work that I do. And with each one it alters the energetic map of my electrical energy pathways, my energy skeleton, and my lessons earned and learned. And then the name I was born with, that was given to me through an energy all its own, that of Adele Marie. We must not forget the ones I choose with my work and profession, The Visionary Messenger, and Angelic Wise Ones®, for this is my own alphabet soup of energy that allows one to know who I am and what I do. And for me, I would not have it any other way for my closet is never closed to the viewing audience, why should it be? For if someone can learn through my own experiences then my bowl alphabet soup has been shared with love for all.

Remember it is your bowl of alphabet soup memories that is there for you to dunk and scoop the words that complete you in this energetic lifetime. It is that simple, for you can make or create the journey to be one of pain or pleasure. One that no matter what others say or do, they can never take your bowl away from you, only humbly take the seat next to you and ask if you will share more.

Only you can always choose to obscure the ingredients from others view with the words that float around aimlessly as they look upon you or you can decide to change the energetic blueprint of tasty ingredients that make your own soup alphabetically one that is shared by all.

To all the closet that are left bare of skeletons that others say are there…is our own personal bowl of energetic alphabet soup…yum, yum, yummmm...


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved Copyright©2013 Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®