Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting to know your Joy Guide

Let us meet the Joy Guide

Children are impish and mischievous as a rule. The Joy Guide most often appears as a child, a small fairy like child and/or young maidenly adolescent. Please do not confuse a Joy guide with a fairy as they get mightily indignant when called a fairy. Many times you will see your Joy guide with what appears as wings, hence the confusion. The wings represent the amount of energy a Joy guide has as they usually always as never sit still.

Joy Guides can display behavior that would be described as mischievous. Your Joy Guide is the one who is responsible for bringing out the lighter side of our personalities. When things become missing, your Joy Guide is there to let you know to lighten it up. If you spill that drink at the most serious of moments, it is your Joy guide trying to get your attention. Do not take things as unforgiving as you make them, for the Joy guide then works over time getting your attention to all things around you. Laughter is the key to working with your Joy guide, the more laughter in your life, the more your Joy guide beams with delight.

Even though your Joy Guide appears to be childish in many ways, be respectful to them, for your Joy Guide is highly intelligent being in all ways as with all of your guides. They have chosen to be with you in this lifetime to remind you to lighten up and except Joy in your life. When looking through the eyes of the Joy guide there is nothing that is too serious and there is no complaining when work needs to be done. A Joy guides best kept secret is in the fact that they love to be kept busy.
When mirth and merriment manifest within a group of people unexpectedly for no particular reason, it is frequently the presence of someone’s Joy guide causing the frivolity and trying to get your attention. We could all certainly benefit from less stress by viewing some matters with a sense of humor. Call upon your Joy Guide when your daily life becomes overwhelming, and you need to laugh out loud. Your Joy Guide will show you the humor in the situation.

Joy Guides are sometimes referred to as a medium’s “message bearer “and to help control the spirit crowd of the individual who is seeking a reading or channeling. Your Joy Guide my sometimes call you “Mommy” as she is of that child like energy, and wanting to make you happy and joyful. As mischievous as Joy guides can be, they are also ones that we ask for assistance when we need that extra time to get things done. For the more you keep your Joy guide busy the more time you have to enjoy their light laughter in your day.

Take a moment of time to get to know your Joy guide, your life will change in the most amazing fun ways. If you have that desire for a specific ice cream or a favorite food, most likely it is your Joy guide sending the request for that particular food. Joy guides love games and will have you excited just thinking about once again being a sports car driver or a ballerina.

Welcome your Joy guide into your life and allow yourself to play.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Linsalata