Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you truly Living your Life Right Now?

If you are living right now what will you be living in 2012?

How do we get there? What is it we need to understand and know?

In everything we do there is a pattern of repeating what has been, to then get you to what is happening now. We live in a world of repetitions, of cycles that will and does naturally repeat itself. So apply it to that which is already behind you and then you shall see what is coming for you.

Yes, there are biblical overtures, prophecies and predictions. Cultural Facts, figures, historically and spiritually available for you. But it is what is going on inside of you at this moment that will give you the answers to what will be going on, all that lay ahead of you. And that which is going on right now around you…..

What have you been feeling for years: excitement, anticipation, a knowing that something is different, needing answers, a quest for who you really are? What is my life’s journey and how do I know I am on it? Why does everything seem so hard?

All of these are the souls programming of your own innate ability to know and understand that there is a huge shift coming and you have decided to be a part of it. Give yourself credit to be a part of history in this way! Even when you did not realize what was going on, you were told that it is what you were going through. But how much did you truly understand and was it time for you to understand?

Where do your guides fit into all of this? Remember each of you have a group of guides with you at all time. As you have decided to be here upon Mother Earth you have also decided that you are going to need some guidance and assistance along the way.

You have then contracted out to have exactly that.

Think about when you decide to go to the store, how many of you call a friend and ask them to go with you? How many of you ask someone to attend a class, workshop or event? How many of you will seek out another to go to lunch or dinner? When you have a decision to make, what do you do? Do you think about it, stress on it? Do you then call a friend to look at it? To talk it over with? All of this is because it is already within you to ask for assistance …. Think about it. When you decided to be here on this planet you asked for assistance, just as others asked you for assistance to be with them. What assistance do you need at this moment?

What is truly needed for this changed called 2012? Do we need to go anywhere different than were we are right now?

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