Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How do we know the answer of being one unless we take the time to see what that one is?

If I am a divide aspect of all things big or small then I am one with all things. If I am a divided aspect of God searching and seeking then I am one with that search. If I am a divided aspect of God and I am seeking to make the perfection then is it not right to say I am one with every living soul that seeks that perfection? If I am a divided aspect of God then can I truly say I am God? For then if one is one of the material physical plane one can say that is ego at its finest, but when one is truly one with all then one knows that there is no ego. In the ascension process it is removing all things physical that has been placed upon the physical soul to then lay claim to. So we walk this journey to see the truth in all that is around us. To do this we must then acknowledge that there has been truths that are un-true placed upon us in this physical world that need to be looked at. Most individuals do not want or cannot look at the fact that most of their lives that they have lived in this physical world has been a lie, for then they will see and realize - that which they are is a lie. For who is it to tell them they are a lie, but their own truths in who they are. For the only lie lays claim in their soul. Now as they finally awaken or open to the truth with a clear heart and mind. They will come to learn they are and have never been a lie for this physical world has been an illusion.

So we journey as we learn these truths and then as we finally empty the soul of all things that have been placed upon it by being physical, the ascension level then takes a mighty turn in their evolution and they begin to see the light which lies within them. They speak and know the truths which are around and moving through them. They have touched the hand of God, they know who they are and in that final releasement they soar above the heavens to be anointed by the Holy Spirit which opens the heavens to reveal to them the love they have always been searching and seeking in this lifetime. This is the most glorified moment of your existence as you know all and see all to be one with all.

Now the work begins, for you see you must ascended and then descend to rise above once more but this time not alone, this time you shall bring those with you to the glory of their soul, and they shall soon understand that which they have been seeking is a love so pure that they would do anything and have done everything to get there from the very beginning. For all of the words said and all the deeds done, when one has purified their soul and is in the nirvana of knowing they are a pure light within. They are all with one. This is so magnificent it is so hard to describe, so there are no judgment of what you ask, there is only one..

Most problems begin when one is mirrored to their own self just what ascension is; just what truth is and most do not like to look in this mirror so they judge that one who shows it to them. This is not the time to give what others believe there is to give, it is the time for truth for this is what this energy is all about. Most do not want to acknowledge that for this will make them lesser, so they think. For you see to ascend and then to keep on going one must understand the ascension process and truly live it. One must be the ascension in all they do. When you see those who have ascended and then think lesser of another then they have not fully ascended. They are at a level of their own ascension that now is at the bottom foundation again and they must learn again what it is to be one with everything. This is most hard as they want everyone to know who they are. I for one, am I and nothing more, I am a messenger here just as you to bring a voice and that is of truth.

I am who I am and nothing more. I am no different than you and you are no different than I – For does this make us ONE?

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele