Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valetines Day to everyone !

What a lovely day this is, In last nights Channeling night the Blessed Mother came in and gave everyone a blessing and touched the hearts of everyone, truly.

What a lovely gift that was as I sat here this morning listening to the recording from last nights channeling. Mother came in and talked about how she was gifting everyone with her blessings to the third eye as she placed her finger upon everyones third eye and told them to open their eye to see her before them illuminated in a blue light opening up to the divine. She then asked everyone to go into their heart space as she placed her hand there , even as I listened to this, this moring, I could feel her there with me with her hand upon my heart. The Love that came through her to me was simply amazing.

I love Mothers energy it is a high vibration that is so light and gentle. We give thanks to Mother as she blessed us, then for to all to go and give her blessings out those around them.

I will be channeling Mother tomorrow for my Newsletter, may we all feel the love and grace as we listen to her words.

So I send you the Blessings from the Blessed Mother and I send you my Love.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele