Monday, February 2, 2009

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru, by Adele Linsalata

Simplicity of the Thinking Mind

Here we met again, and to you I say I am pleased to be here with you. The questions you ask and the answers you seek are all there in front of you. This I know we have talked about before, so to you I know this is something that is close to your heart

Yes, little one there is much to be done; there are things that the humanity of your planet of Mother Earth does not want to see right now and they shall keep walking blindly. There are none that this will not affect. Many do not take things too seriously and this is what I watch in laughter as your humans friends sit back and say one thing but do another. Why is it do you think humans want to behave in this fashion? Well in order to look at this with you, I must ask is there not that which you seek for your own self?

No, I did not think so, you understand that it is not about thy self but about thy whole self. That which includes every living soul upon your planet of Mother Earth and beyond. You need to take time off to rest and allow me to go from here, thank you.

You are living at a time of which is what we called borrowed, this I say as with each breath you breathe into your physical body for your very existence upon your planet of Mother earth is indeed borrowed. This then is borrowed by your humanness and not your lightness. For as your humans borrows this breath it does not give back or makes use of that which it is receiving, which then makes your earth time slower and less. For with each earth time that is borrowed you are asking the existence around you to be suspended and to borrow with you. You have not learned to exchange this borrowed earth time with another. What would you do with the usage of the electrons that which is in the breath you take? You have what you call simple energy that which makes itself known to you each day of your time upon your planet of Mother Earth. What makes it so simple is that which you apply to work with it, so you can call this simple for it is not being utilized as it should be. Energy is a transformation of one electron to another, very simple yes, yes, but it is then taking that simplicity and reusing it to make more of the simplicity. When you have more of the simplicity you then have that which is working on all levels with each living being upon your plant of Mother Earth.

Let’s take the simple energy of the connection or what you call gathering of living souls to one group or another. This is simple energy working, you have all gathered together and collected an energy source that can quite literally bring down the establishment in which you gather. This is bringing energy together like no other; this energy cannot be bottled up for reuse later it is to be used right then and there. Do you see this? I have watched as many gather near you, you have that energy that brings those together and what then do you do, well yes, you utilize that energy frequency between all to raise that energy where it is needed most. That is what keeps the energy alive, for all of it you know is alive with and around you. This is what keeps you going and is what keeps every living cell going. Being alive. Now back to the matter at hand, In this you have gathered enough energy to raise the frequency quite nicely to then activate the tri-level consciousness to bring a power so immense out across your plane of Mother Earth or all the way through the Galaxy. Impressive I might add.

So when you bring this together then you have an equations that cannot be matched anywhere around for you see it is all in the purity of the heart in which is comes through. You give from your pure heart that which then connects to those around you. This is greater to never equal than the energy supply which runs your home.

In the mass of all of this, you can quite imagine what could happen when those whom truly try to place their efforts together in that purity what you could actually have, what could actually being activated? ? Of course, everything that any living human, any living cell or living organism has ever said they wish to have. That one is equal to love in all ways. I guess the added bonus would be to have world peace, is this not correct? Well of course it is, but then do they of whom say they wish this peace, understand to wish is just to be doing that.. wishing, and the energy there does not get off the ground. For each energy that connects to peacefully have peace shall have it. It is the thinking minds perception is it not? Then place the thinking minds perception in a bag and do not let it out, for you need not have a thinking mind to have the peace that is and that shall be.

See the running of the etheric electrical currents in everything you do with your energy, now take those currents and apply them to the substance you have to make that which you know shall be. What do you have is quite simple in all things. To see the simplicity is to see everything. It is the thinking mind that cannot get out of its way to then see that which is before it in the first place. Why do you think so many keep seeking and then say they cannot see or are afraid to see that which they seek? This is due to the simplicity which is there from the beginning but not which the one whom is seeking. For they believe it is the thought process of understanding all equations that is needed to be done with all of it. Know it now, keep it simple and you shall see all before you as it is in truth to be.

Now know this, I am to understand that your question was also about the spiritual communities this day. You feel that which is inside of you in what is happening, I know . I watch how you handle all of it around you and yes your vibrational energy is higher than normal, we can assimilate your heath from here and we are keeping an eye on your status upon the earth in which you walk. Right now you are feeling the disconnection of the outer soul group’s separateness having an effect around your planet of Mother Earth. This then will cause you to vibrate at an exceptional pace. Do not worry; let us give to you that which you asked.

There will be many whom everyone looks upon in the spiritual circles who will be breaking away from that which they have always been. They will not see this from the outside; they will only see this from their own creation. They will place the reasoning of this which will be based upon lessons that needed to be learned and they too needed to learn that which was holding them back, so they may for the first time truly assist those who follow them. You will see many break away from all they know and those with whom they have been with. The dimness has found that place within to separate them from their own light and to whom those who cared about them. This is coming to them in small steps which has their own humanness going into survival mode. This all comes at the time when which we talked before, this is the time of attentiveness of 2012. This I gave to you to walk through the doors of illusion to see that which is before all of humanity. We will give you more later on this.

The time of separating those whom are dimness and those of whom are the light, for all are the light, but there are those with whom do not trust the light, for this then they do not trust their own. The dimness comes at such a time when it is known that there are many who are weak, for they have opened themselves to experience the light in a new level of energy and many are tired of what has always seem to be the exact as before. I say to you nothing is as exact as before, for there are always shifts and changes within each human and living being to be adjusted on many levels. But the falseness has been making its mark and there are those who do not know this, they are walking among you accepting all as if it is before. They are walking trying to gather as much as they can to take not to give, but to keep for themselves. Did I not tell you that it is the time to walk forward in that which you have been gathering? Did I not say you will be experiencing many levels of learning and it is to take this learning and move forward with it? For yes, you have that which you have an energy of every living cell in your field that you pull on to take you from one experience to another. Is that not remarkable in which you work?

When you gather as light your energy raises it vibrations to that which nothing can equal, look at what can be accomplished right now for your own human recovery to apply that energy level. Do not settle for that which your humanity confesses to you. Apply that level of energy to all things as you gather and watch as the world can balance itself, watch as the peace that is wished for becomes reality. Be mindful in that which you do as this is the time of great illusions that are before you. The dimness is known for being patient where others are not. The dimness is seeking that opening within each light to extinguish the purity that lies there. This you know and this you shall always need to be mindful of, as this is the time in which we have said the Archangel comes.

As this one comes there shall be many who call upon the name of this Archangel and there will be many whom believe is their own turn to shine. But know this now, this Archangel has a mission and will not be taken aback by the dimness. For in him there lies none. For in him shines the light that is equal to no other than Source. This one is calling out every name that is listed in the light to stand and search that which is within to know there shall not be turning away from the light. This one calls to the heart of every light that shall rise above to join in the illumination that comes before your humanity upon your planet of Mother Earth. Do not be concerned as I shall make known to you the time of the coming of the Archangel that you shall know him to be. Rejoice as the names are called as this is the beginning of the Light activation which is upon you. We shall be walking with you; we shall be there as your name is called in the light. We shall always be that which we have said we are. For we are the Council of Light that is within you.

I leave you my Peace and I leave you my blessings for you to hear the calling deep within you to be the Light.

I AM Lord- Amin-Ru