Monday, February 16, 2009

Channeled Message from the Blessed Mother by Adele Linsalata

Channeled Message from The Blessed Mother by Adele Linsalata

Secret Heart Chamber Activation of Love

Dear ones I am Mary, the energies that are mine are with each of you. I come to you this day as I am here to give to you my secret heart chamber activation of love.

Heart of my heart you are saying that it is time to move forward and we are here with you. We are here to support you as you have now made the choice deep within you to not let anything hold you back. Many things have come your way and even though you may not have felt in peace with all that you have been going through. You in fact have been in peace during it all, for you have known we are here with you, you have shown that you can move through with a dignity of grace that allows peace to come to you when you most need. For this I bless you and thank you for your continuation to be the light to so many. You have before you that which comes and goes so fast that at times it may seem difficult to see. But then how does one see love? How does one see that which is before them when so many are fighting not to see? It is in raising your physical human levels of understanding a pure knowing that is within you as it is has been activated and decreed long ago. There was a time in which we asked you to believe and accelerate through all of it with a staying power so strong that many tried to deny, with a peace of mind to know you are not alone. And that time is now over for each of you. You have demonstrated that there is everything that can become of you who wait with self appreciation, that there is nothing that can stop you from moving forward in your being. By bringing your own level of ascension to its peak to open your arms to embrace all those around you, you have given back to many. You have given the one true gift to give from your heart to another; you have given your love.

Heart of my heart as you has given your love I have watched, I have waited to bring to you the gift of enthusiasm to all. To share with each living being a sense of wonderment to love that has not been felt for a long time in your earth humanity. I am proud to be with you to send and receive that which is deep within you. To give to you all that I have.

I ask you to close your eyes and receive my energy that I send to your all seeing eye. Feel my gift to you as I touch upon your brow, feel it as you open your all seeing eye to see me standing before you in a blue light of deep love, I am standing before you with the grace of my love coming to you in my smile. Feel that smile as pure as the love I have for you. A flowing of energy to awaken your all seeing eye to a level not much have known before now. Welcome… for I give to you the opening to see all before you in the reality in which we the Council of Light have to give. There will be many things that will now take shape before you; you will be connected to all that there is to see that you may move forward in grace and beauty.

You will now have upon you the Blessings from my heart to your heart as I ask you to take your presence to your inner heart chambers. To allow, that which I freely give to you from my heart as you enter into the inner chambers. Here you will find the four inner chambers that open to show you the depth of my love for you. Find yourself standing in the center inner chamber of your heart. See a magnificent red flame of love before you. Now breathe in deeply as this flame illuminates and expands opening up to be that which is a beautiful deep red rose blooming within you. Feel the presence of my own heart as it blooms within you. See the light that begins to emanate from the center of this rose.. for this is my heart light.. growing, illuminating, giving all to you. Giving to you my own heart light energy, flowing into your whole body all of my love. Now feel as I gently place my hand upon your heart. See and feel my light of energy expand out into your body, moving and filling you with a love so pure that your heart smiles with joy. I am now activating your secret heart chamber of light, so that you may be aligned in this light energy of love that is the true connection to me and all those of the light. Feel my love as it goes out to surround you in love and peace. Feel my embrace as you look through your all seeing eye to see me smiling, loving you in all ways. This is my love, this is your love, we are one with each other. This is the love you so freely give to others. Call upon me and I shall always be there beside you. Ask me to take that from you all that you cannot be aware of on your own and I shall be there to assist you in all ways. I shall be there with you. Know my love for you is never ending as your love for yourself and others is never ending. Breathe in deeply and enjoy the peace of love in your whole being.

Know I am here, for you are the heart of my heart and I love you.

I Am Mary, The Beloved