Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adele's Welcome Message

Hello and Welcome to Everyone,

Well here we are, the time is upon us and as we look around what do we see? We see those with whom we love struggling to find reason in their own lives. To try to find the time that has flew by them so fast that they feel empty inside.

You are not alone in that which you are feeling, so many are trying to piece their lives together; I see it all the time. What used to make sense is having a hard time making any sense right now; we pulled out of Mercury Retrograde so go ahead and is okay...........just breathe............

As we look more into this year we all need to understand and realize that what has been going around for so long has come full circle with all of us, what we laid down in our journey years ago is coming forward to ask for you to take notice to what was then .......for this is now. Now is the time to straighten everything out that has been placed down in the past. So look back at the past years and see the path you laid behind you as you walked your journey. What seeds did you plant along the way? What did you learn and gather? What connections did you make and keep? In all of this remember to be patient with yourself and others. So many are moving at apace that is so unfamiliar to themselves. Everything they have worked for has come full circle and what do they have but empty hands. What is needed is for one to see that their hands are not quite empty.

And if their hands are empty then this is good, for that which is of this world is empty and what is of this world shall not give to them that which they can give to themselves.

When you look at that which you have been planting along your way does this make you smile or is there any regrets? Are you lost and confused in what just to do with everything? Well you are not alone in this. So many are confused right now and so many believe they have nowhere to go with what they do know. But here they are wrong. You have one way to go and that is forward.

This is the year to move forward in all that you know, all that you can do and all that you are to be. You just have to remove the limitations that have been placed before you to see with clear heart and mind that you are everything you know you are, right now. Everyone is being awakened on all levels when you think about it, right?

Humanity is being awakened in truth, truth that has been denied but oh so felt in the body in everyway. Truth of abundance every time we turn around and this is going to continue. We are going to be hearing and seeing more and more truth come out as the months pass by. More friends coming forward to say they accept that which you have been doing, more family members healing with words to purify their hearts. An abundance of truth so raw that will make your heart ache from the beauty and defeat of it all. And looking into the mirror to tell oneself how much you are truly loved and that it is okay to make a mistake and fall and it is okay to grow and be beautiful in all you do. It is okay to have so much love around you and be successful, to manifest that which is before you for you have done your work. It is okay to be proud of yourself. It is okay to be real in this world with which we know. It is okay to cry from the beauty in finally finding your own self once again with love. It is okay to smile.

And as we see and live each day, we have an abundance of truth that has left many raw, hurt, alone and in tears from the pure pain in their hearts of all that is happening around them, their world collapsing. Having nothing they believe left to stand tall in. Spirits broken, no rescue in place. But to you I say there is a rescue just waiting for you and that is the salvation of your own true light.
I have said this before and I shall say it again, when we are not doing what it is we are to be doing, if we are trying to rush that which we want right now, then we will be taken off of our feet. This too is what has been happening all around us, so many have been taken off their feet. To you my heart cries out to give to you the truth and understanding of Love.

Years ago I told you of the big & mighty falling, well they are falling hard all around us and everyone seems to be surprised at all of this. When the ego grows at an accelerated speed what happens? Those egos end up being taken off of their feet, and this is what is happening to the big & mighty, they are being taken off their feet and this time, is the time for everyone to work together as One. This time it is for us to grow in our knowledge and deep understanding of exactly what it is we seek and want to remain as we are walking in our truths. As we are the humanity with so much, that will move forward in the light!

As I said before around the middle of February going into March, there will be that which is revealed to us that will once again make us stop to say " why in the world are we allowing this to continue?" So why is it we allow that to continue which we know is not for the highest and best? All over the world we are looking at a time in this energy where we will be facing nothing once again, we will be visiting the past as we have never visited before. There is a residual of energy that is following us as we move along in our own worlds. This is what humanity as a whole has been trying to do, take care of unfinished business that no one seemed to think ever needed to be looked at again. But as we know, this too always has a way of coming back up to place it in the face of those who decided to hide it behind them. This can no longer be hid and this no longer will keep quite, we all can feel and know there is new sheriff in town and with this new sheriff there will be big things happening, so to you I say please be patient with yourselves. This new sheriff in town is the residual energy of what was and what shall be.

This is what Mother Earth has been supporting us in for so long; she who has been holding this energy which others had given to her. This is a residual of energies that has been brewing for so long; she compliments us with this, in keeping it for so long. Now she is moving to align herself and she needs to bring it forth to give back to those who gave to her. Every time Mother Earth was given something to cleanse, she did, every time Mother Earth was given our restructuring of her body, she held this, every time Mother Earth was disfigured and disgraced, she kept it to herself and now she cannot keep it any longer. Humanities energies are demanding it back; for humanity does not know what it is they are feeling and they are asking Mother Earth for her to give more, so she is giving that which she has held onto for so long. And humanity is taking all they can take. But take care in the way in which it is asked for back, for that is the way it will be given, just as it is asked for.
Now look at what you are asking for, look at the way in which you are asking for things that you seek. Look at the way in which humanity is taking what they so selfishly want from all those around them. We are all being asked to give so much right now and how many times have we been asked to give with truly no thought from the ones asking it from us?

Look around you to those with whom you love. How many do you know that are stuck in their own energy and keep taking from others? How many do you know who always blame another for that which they do not want to admit to themselves? And as you see this what do they have? Do they have the love in their hearts with no blame to another? Do they have that which they say they do for all of humanity around them? Do they have a light that shines for all to see that it is blinding when one looks upon them? Or does their light seem dull and faded? Is their light almost gone? As a whole of humanity we are to be the ones who light their light once more, to be there to give to them that which they do not know how to seek anymore. To re-ignite that sparkle of light that they shall know they have been given back life, a life one so precious it is hard to ignore.

So much falseness will be coming out of many in our humanity, it has been going on for awhile now and no one took any notice. But this residual of energy says " no more", for it is time. This new residual of energy has one thing in mind and that is to cleanse like never before. And are we not feeling it right now across the world? We are feeling such a cleansing of all monetary systems are we not? This will continue for quite some time, Please be patient, but do not be unmoving in the direction that you are going. Keep moving in your energy as you are guided along.
Keep the smile upon your face and the love in your heart, for all these things are of the world and not of the light. The light is growing stronger and this is why this is all coming out. For if the darkness can keep you stuck in the old, then the darkness takes a victory. But when one moves ahead with the light, the darkness has to try to keep up and soon falls behind.

Look at that which you have sown long ago that left a bad taste in your mouth and turn about to face it with a smile in your heart, see that which would seek you out to bring you down from another, and face it with the strength that is with in you. Then turn and face the light that shines before you to embrace what truly is. For that which is of this world does not know the light. You are not of this world, so you know the light, look deep within your heart and bring that light forward with you as you move along. For you shall always be that which is of the light and not of this world. All of the illusions around you are not real but just what the thinking mind wants you to believe. Be not of this world and you shall know true light, you shall have true love and you will find your true peace.

Be not of this world and we shall sing together in the glory that is at hand as we move thorough these months ahead of us. Keep strong in knowing you have been through this before, do not let small words stop you in your tracks that you have been moving along in. Many will come to you to assist them, be the light and shine the way for them to move along with you.

Life is good and life is what we make of it. So how is your life this day and how have you made your light shine out to others in a positive way???

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele