Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adele's Message to All

My husband always tells me every day is Valentine's Day as he comes walking through the door, home from work with a small token of his love. One day it may be a broken twig from a tree he found laying on the ground in front of him; one day it may a rock that caught his eye. I remember when he brought me home a piece of the concrete flooring , oh yes, there he was with a huge grin upon his face as he stood there with this huge round piece of concrete that was drilled down though the floor at work as some guys were laying pipe in a building. At first I did not know what to say as I was holding this piece of concrete. And as I started looking at it he said for me to look closer as there were many levels in which made this round piece of concrete a floor. As I looked I could see all of the multi layers of dirt, pebbles, sand, rocks, wood and tiles. I looked into his eyes and said thank you for thinking of me, I love you too.

Now why would this piece of concrete deserve to be given to me? He went to explain that with each line I have upon my face, with each laugh that I give to him and others, with each piece of myself I share to all who are around me, that is why this piece of concrete deserves to be in my hands and that is all the reasons why he loves me more each day. As the years go by we have so many layers to build together and to live together to get through this life. Each layer represents each facet of our lives that we build and combine to make one. And each layer is all the mixing that we do as we learn how to love one another.

Each different material it takes to make these layers is all the times we have agreed to disagree and to keep our heads together instead of separating our thoughts and feelings from one another. To know and think that it took all of these different materials to make something so strong that anyone and everyone can walk upon it for years and many generations, but it still stands strong bonded together as one, holding all together to make life more easier and more comfortable to all who happen upon it.

This Valentine's Day I spent with my husband and children doing whatever came to mind. We talked about everything, we laughed at all of it and we gave to one another just by being in each other's company. It was a day of relaxation and just being, to give our thanks for each other's love. A foundation that is built on many layers which has been walked upon, which has been tested many times as different personalities have been grown from the birth of one child to the next. As families grow, so does the love that comes with all of it as you add a variety of individuals to this mixture.

So when you look around what has been added to your family mixture? With so many different ways in looking at life what is it that you have added along the way that is uniquely your own? When we step back to look at the glue that holds the family together what extra little something is it that you have added? What is it that makes you smile when you think of family?

Now what is it that makes your spiritual family unique? What is it that you have added to your spiritual family that is just the right touch that makes another smile in their heart?

As we go through this month of love and history take a look all around you, be that gentleness that others may need right now. Be the strength that can make a difference to those around you. We are all aware of current events with so many family friends and loved one going though a reconnection and re-establishment of who they are. This is all of the energy that I have been talking about. Right now is the best time to give your love, support and strength to those around you and to make sure you also give this to yourself.

When looking at the layers that have been building for so many years we can start to see that each layer represents that which we have been building in our foundation. Then we need to see the whole universal foundation that is around us. What we have built as a family to make the foundation strong. We have built as a community to make the foundation strong and in knowing this is strong we can go forward to make all that is around us just as strong.

There are so many things that we can say we do not know, there are many things that we keep our eyes close to, but each one of us feel deep down inside the foundation that is around us one way or another. All of us have contributed to this foundation.

It is what we do as we move ahead in that foundation to grow our communities. As you look around you each day what is it that you can contribute and bring to the community around you that would make all of it stronger? We have before us the times in which we can make our community that which we have always said we wish it to be. We do not have to wish anymore, we have the strength to make it reality. We have the strength and love to make all the layers come together to hold each and every living soul upon Mother Earth. We have what it takes, as we move through the layers of history to look back and know that we no longer have to be what everyone else wants us to be. More and more each day there are those who are coming out to speak their peace, there are more and more opening to this wonderful energy that is around us.

Growing at such an accelerated speed that no wonder it can be confusing at times, so much is being placed all around us for us to grow that it is overwhelming on the physical system. But it is for each of us to take that which we need and no more too then have that which is needed for everyone. To share in all of this is simply amazing. To give in these times is divine. For as we give we have created the layers of our future. And our future is just waiting for us to grow and bring everyone with us. Our future is in the hands of every living being that it is miraculous to look at. Can you image what it would be like if we did not give a portion of who we are to these layers? Can you imagine those following, opening and growing not to have that which they can access to move them along?

Be the layer which supports those who come to you. Be the layer which grows in its strength to then hold those up who need a helping hand. Be that community that accept and brings others into the fold. Be the community of Light that can stand up to be counted. Be the Light that can make your heart smile.

When you look around you at all the layers--- which one is you? Which one is the layer in which you gave with your whole heart ? Which layer is the love that you have for every living soul you meet? Which layer is that which makes the whole? I welcome you to my layers of love; I give to you my love as I give to you the assistance you need in creating that love. And I accept your love and assistance in return!

May your heart always be filled with the layers that generate your Love to all around you.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele