Monday, January 5, 2009

To Be Released January 17th, 2009

New Guided Meditation CD's

Yes, I know we have been busy here at Angelic Wise Ones and now is the time for all new beginnings as we are moving along in this energy right now in a wonderful way.

New newsletters coming your way, with lots informative news and some great channelings. My Counsel has kept me busy with so much information and have been creating all new workshops to bring to everyone to keep us moving in this energy of LOVE & Knowledge this year.

I am also releasing (as you will read below) some magnificent new guided meditation CD's that I am so excited about and it has been a dream to work with the Coucil of Light in producing these new CD's , I know you will enjoy them too.

Be at Peace and talk to you soon.

Love, laughter & Light, Adele

Announcing Adele's Newest Guided Meditation CDs to be released starting this month of January. As this is the year to step intothe energy power of your being, Adele has been hard at work recording her latest Meditation CDs just for you.

Adele's enchanting voice moves and guides you into a journey of an energetic connection of the highest order. These meditation CD's are self-empowering, moving and nothing like you have ever heard or experienced before.

As a Master Teacher Adele has brought the Realms of energies closer for you to touch and connect with, opening the vortex of vibrational ascension. Each CD includes a unique guided energetic attunement with the vibrational coding of the Council of Light.

Knowing Thy Self
Alliance of Angels Light
Archangel Michael League of Angels
Egyptian Hall of Records
Journey with Jesus

All of Adele's guided Meditation CD's, Books and Journals are available on her website and To be released starting January 17th, 2009.