Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessings With our Physical Guides

Adele’s Message
Hello to each of you this day, blessings are all over the place are you ready to grab all of it coming your way?

Blessings are something that we send out all the time, when is the last time you stopped to look at the blessings around you? We have so many blessings do you find it hard to keep up with all of them ? Many do. Do you recognize the blessings around you? Many do not. Looking and acknowledging the blessings around you brings more blessings upon you. We take in the beauty all around us each day, the animal friends we have with us, the trees,, flowers, mother nature is abundant in the blessings. It is when we take the time to look through what we might believe is not the perfect blessings that we can truly find where our true blessings may be found.

Your families whom may drive you crazy at times are true blessings. Always remembering your families are the ones that we chose to be with us in our lives at this exact moment of time. They are blessings to us, think of all the things you have learned and grown from in your existence from having these individuals in your life. You may not always get along, you may not have a lot of things in common, and they may be different in what they think or do. This just makes them truly unique in whom they are just as you are truly unique in whom you are. When is it that we stop to thank the universe for our true blessings in our families? Think about the time your parents may have told you something you did not like; think about that time a friend said something that you did not care to hear. And then stop to think about how that experience then changed you in anyway, good bad or indifferent.

And then stop to take the time to send a thank you out into the universe to those individuals. A thank you for being a guide to you in so many ways, you may not have wanted to hear what they had to say, you may not have wanted to experience what followed in anyway. But you have learned from it. You learned and grew from all of the experiences that they gave to you, just as they learned and grew from you. You have been guided from these individuals in your life, for you to experience that which you came here to do.

I call all of these individuals in our lives our physical guides. They are here with us in the physical in all we do.

And just as they have guided you, you then have given back to be a physical guide to them in all they have lived through. How amazing is that, to give and to receive by just being who you are?

I teach individuals all around Mother Earth about the guides, teachers, angels, ascended master and more in those whom are living in what we call the spiritual realms. Working, guiding and loving us in our spiritual aspect of our work, our lives and our careers. How these guides from the spiritual realms are around and with us to guide, teach, assist, work, protect, love, and show us the way in our journey. And how we have all chosen these ones of light to be with us in all we do.

Remember you have made a contract with these light ones in spirit to assist you in all you do while you are here on Mother Earth. So too we have our families, as I call them our physical guides, these are ones of light who have chosen to be in the physical with you in this lifetime. This includes all those from your immediate family to your extended family of friends, co-worker, and yes--- even acquaintances, those individuals whom you have had a short-time relationship with. Just as with your guides in the spiritual realms, some who are with you for years and some who are with you for shorter periods of time.

All of these individuals are here in this lifetime with you to guide, teach, assist, work, protect, love, and show us the way in our journey. Even when we do not like it. So why is it so hard to love our physical guides, when we automatically love our guides in the spiritual realms? Well, I see it like this - our family, friends, co-workers, etc..are here in the physical with us and most individuals do not accept or acknowledge their family and friends as their guides because they have never really thought about it in this way.

But they are here with us, right now and for many years to come. These are the ones we connect with on a daily basis and we have learned who they are, or who we think they are. Just as they are learning about us on all levels of our being. We have become so comfortable with them that as the saying goes; “we know them like the back of our hand”. We have become so comfortable that we then reach out to treat them any way we believe we can and they will still be there because they are family, they are our friends.

It is still all about the relationship with all of these individuals ----spiritual or physical that we then see the blessings that we have. The huge resource of loving guidance that is around us.

As we have begun this year we need to give thanks to not only what we know we have but what we do not acknowledge on a daily basis. Our families. When we start to do this we then start to bring together our personal power and our tribal power. As this year unfolds of love and knowledge, we bring back unto ourselves the personal and tribal power to walk forward in the light.

Where would most individuals be if they did not have their physical family around them? Where would most of us be if there was no spiritual family around us? Most do not accept what many of their psychical families say, we have become so used to them just giving us what they want to give us in their guidance that we then start to discount all they have to say or do. It is when we open ourselves up to the true love that we then start to see the knowledge that is around us all the time in the form of our physical families. When I say physical family we need to look at all the formations of physical families in our lives: our personal family, our work family, spiritual families and the families that we create as we learn together. These are all of our physical families; it is bringing all of these divided aspects of ourselves to together that we start to see the bigger picture of what we have around us. We have a whole plethora of blessing into which we can access anytime we wish. How amazing is that?

So the next time you want to know how many blessings you have around you, when there seems nothing out there that is a blessing to you. Stop and revisit in your minds eyes each living and spiritual soul with whom you have contracted out to be together in this lifetime. You will then see your abundance of blessings in your daily life. You will see how rich you are, you will see that you are never alone and you are always loved on many levels and in many ways.

As they say “Count your Blessings” Take the time to start counting them today! And give your love out into the universe so they too, may count theirs along the way!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele