Monday, January 19, 2009

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru, by Adele Linsalata

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru
by Adele Linsalata

You are here Upon Mother Earth for a Reason

As we approach this time there will be many awakening in the light. A light that will be blinding to many as they are acknowledging there is something more to be out around them. Take care to embrace these Children of One. For these are the children of light that you have been attracting to you. As I have said before, this is the time for the living light to walk in the knowing of all that is. This is the time for you to be moving among many to give that which you have been gathering for so long. Do not be anxious; allow that which is deep within you to move forward in who you are.

Your planet of Mother Earth is here to support you as you have been supporting her. She is welcoming that which you walk in the light. You have been taking care of your planet of Mother Earth and now is the time for her to take care of you. Many are still disfiguring her. Many are still allowing the dimness to make unclear that which is truly there. For now your planet of Mother Earth is hearing the cries of so many. Hearing why the actions which are being taken can keep up the pace in which it is. But this too has been decided long ago. This too shall come to pass. Do not lower the energies with all that is going on around your planet of Mother Earth. The assistance that is needed is in you as the living light in which you are.

As you are moving in your own stratum of the Galaxies all the planets around your planet of Mother Earth is there to lend its energy to you. You will see the bigger picture of how your planet is pulling energies from others in your own vortex the Galaxy which is around you. In these we see the energies being pulled to your planet of Mother Earth in a way that your planet of Mother Earth is cleansing those around her. Think on this, just as you in your humanness absorb the energies of those around you, so too does your planet of Mother Earth. She is taking all that has been done to those in her own planetary family and she is assisting them in their own releases and has been for many a millennium. In this way so too are you. In your discoveries with your scientist, you will start to see new formations from these that exist with your planet of Mother Earth. You will see the shifting of many, this you see as your vibrational energies are rising in the ascension process, this is why it is starting to become clearer in the information you are receiving on these other planets and solar systems. Is this not what you have been seeking? As your own planet of Mother Earth ascends more and more shall be revealed to you as the time gets closer to view the beauty of the Universe in which is all around you. And that is just the beginning.

The planetary alignment is taking shape in a way that we are much pleased. Know now that you as the humanity of your planet of Mother Earth have made this all possible. You should be rejoicing in your part of the ascension shift for the global human consciousness. But yes we know, too much rejoicing shall then take you back to the sense of self that has prevailed upon your planet of Mother Earth for too long. But has it not been too long from the time that you have taken the worthiness of whom you are and rejoiced in this?

You hold much honor to all those who watch the activity of your planet of Mother Earth. For many did not make the transition so well as you have done. Many at the time removed that which was of a lower self and left it to your planet of Mother Earth to deal with in many ways. The process of equations was but complete, the vibrational energies of your planet gave the time in which was needed for those to move along to then fulfill their own ascension in many different ways.

Many of you have heard for so long this then gave back to the solar systems of planets to gather that which is needed to become a force of energies to combat all that your planet of Mother Earth is going through to be strong and united as One. For your planet of Mother Earth is one with each planet that is in existence. For each one has left their mark upon her. Each one has given to her in many ways that some would say is not the most glorious, but has produced the greatest of all together as One. Do you see this? Just as you absorb the energies of all that is around you to process and then remove the impurities. To make whole - the living light. So too, had the contract been made between your planet of Mother Earth and those around her, to be the one to absorb all that they cannot process on their own. For then when the time was here the re-alignment shall take place and all that your planet of Mother Earth no longer can process shall be done so in a unified process of ascension. You are not alone in this whole process, we have told you this many times before. We have been coming to your distress calls many times over. We have all been alighting to make ourselves known through many. There is not the need to wait for the aerial to come to you, as you have been approaching for a very long time. The original coding of your genetic DNA has been infused with the coding of awakening. As with each individual soul that is becoming awakened this is already planted in their DNA structure and you shall see the planetary individuals come to you in many ways. You are among your own self already, you are awaiting that time in which has already been coded for you to become awakened in the light. All shall be revealed at the time it is to be revealed.

This is why I say to you, be gentle with those who seek you out as they awaken. For in this, these are the ones who are here right now as they have been all along. Do you not feel it in your own self? An individualization that you feel and then as you step out to seek and gather, do you not feel yourself coming alive as there are those who resonate with you? There are others whose energies feel as if you have been there before? Sometimes you do not even understand that resonation, and this is understandable. In your own earthly quest for knowledge new beginnings are happening around you each second of your earthly time, a time for you to adjust the vibrational energies that is needed for your own acclimation of understanding just who you are. Rejoice in this. You are in the crux of your new dawn of illumination in an alignment that is slated for these coming times in which you hold in your own hands. Many are not at the same times of awakening as this would be too overwhelming to the humanness of your planet of Mother Earth. That is why you have a thirst to know everything you may attend to, this is why you feel as if there is a coming of that which would be so grand on the whole scheme of your life learning. And all of this is true to your soul being. You are home, you have been home for a long time and now is the time to move forward in that which you are that which you have been gathering for a long time. You have acclimated your soul self to the humanness of your planet Mother Earth and you have that before you with which to make the change in energies to align with others with whom are here with you.

Love to all you meet for they shall awaken and be that part of you to bring in the tides of evolution of the ascension which is upon you. Be the living light in which they seek as you move forward. Hold no harm to none as this process is aware of all things. A new awakening is going to present itself to all, be the living light that is truth and this too shall pass as the glorious re-union of the Children of Light shall assemble to hold onto the light of ascension in all ways.

I leave you my blessings for all to connect with this awakening in the living light of your planet of Mother Earth. May you know you are One.

I Am Lord Amin-Ru