Monday, January 5, 2009

Channeled Message from Lord Amin-Ru by Adele Linsalata

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru by Adele Linsalata

The Living Light

I have been attending the summit of the Council of Light as this time on your planet of Mother Earth is ushering in the times of Love and Knowledge. Walk gently upon that which is around you for Love is very tender to all who are being directed and guided in this discovery of newness that is upon them.

Do not forget there are many among you who are just opening their eyes to all that is around them, for this we ask that you have much patience. Remember when you too reached out to those among you to try and discover that which was going on in your own humanness and energy field. This is not just for those who have been awakened, this you must remember--- you are never alone in the growth and development of each living soul upon your planet of Mother Earth.

We feel for each of you as you have just transitioned from the truth of abundance into the Love and Knowledge period of your evolution. Do not hesitate to know that we are with you as you dissect the abundance of truth that has been given out repeatedly upon your planet of Mother Earth. This is not something that will stop right now, it is like what you would say is a freight train at full velocity and then the brakes are slammed on. The effects of that heavy load of energy needs to be dispelled somewhere for then, where has it to go? It will keep being felt by many as the energy of that which is left behind seeks closure and out of sight minds. But then it is that which we have given to you to know and understand, as we have said to you all this time, your past human year has been a time of truth and abundance. Did you not feel, see and hear this as we said it to you? Look at the abundance of the truth which has been pulled into the light for all to see. All the abundance in which earth’s humanity has been collecting for a period of time that came roaring to what many will say is the end of your abundance. The devastation that is being felt upon your planet of Mother Earth, this too is a reverberation of time exploding out into the Universe. The echoes are felt by all. For truth shall always prevail, no matter in what existence it is grown or lives by. Know now the abundance in which many of earths humanity have lived shall not stop for you of the light, it shall now be released upon the light for the calling has come a return of light coding that shall be placed upon those who are the light within.

We call this the Living light. As you align your physical body with the alliance of light, the living light shall walk upon your planet of Mother Earth. For can you not feel it happening already? This separation you have been going through has many times left you feeling down and alone, this we know. For this is to see the light that lives within you become free of any constraints to walk among you once again in a physical way. You needed to feel and see this torn from you and that is why for many, the heaviness and deep dissatisfaction with the physical side of life is being felt. Know this now, the time is here of the living light. You are the living light extension of creation. You are the living light that is within.

As I have spoken to you before, the creation of all that you are right now is that which is an illusion to that which you truly are. The teacher gives this to you many times. In which time does it take for you to truly see it, to know it? For now is the time to be. There will be many among you who profess to be of the light. Do not be fooled by all, for you must see and know their own actions to know then the light that is within them. For the living light is one that is not wanted by many. For as the living light walks then the darkness is not to be found. The darkness that does not like the living light, is the darkness that many in earths humanity have become absorbed into, one that is a falseness and that which they do not see.. It is as a dimness of energy that is being around you that is felt as a heaviness, a shift of energy that keeps you not believing in your own original self. As you then start to accept as your own. For then you become that which is around you. You cannot see to far ahead as it is all happening now to you. You are caught up in the creation of the falseness that you do not see. And then you go out to lend this dimness to others, they have never seen the light as they are newly awakened so this to them looks and feels authentic. Over a period of your earth time, they become dismayed, worried and their human bodies become unwell. They then start to seek out once again that which can assist them in their recovery of what they do not know is happening. We feel for these souls, for they sought the light and found that which was not of the light, but one of falseness. For now in this transfer they are reaching out to find the living light. A light that is constant that has never been without in any form. Their own true awakening may finally begin.

All light workers are called to look at their own creation and dispel from them that which is of not the light, so that the living light shall become one with them in all ways. As an emissary of light one that is known as the Archangel has been called forward to align all to the living light. To be aligned into the living light in all ways that is upon those of your planet of Mother Earth.

Light workers this is your earth year to be that which you have been learning to be. To walk forward as the living light. To acknowledge the truth that is deep within you. Walk forward in all that you have learned, give to all the knowledge of truth. Be the light, be the truth, be the living light of truth. All that you have been waiting for is here and now, everything that you have been gathering is to be used in this earth year ahead of you. Use the knowledge in which you have been gathering to give to others in truth of the light of knowledge. And in this walk you shall know the living light for it is one of Love. For all those who are true to Love you shall find the living light. And to all those who are the living light you shall see and feel Love. For they stand in the creation of the Creator.

I come to you now to give to you my words, the time has come to move forward and give that which you have been learning. Move forward and be true to the Love that is within you. Do not be anxious of that which you do not know, for all shall always be revealed to you when asked. Ask and we are there as we have always been, take the power of your knowledge and move forward. You have asked to be here in this generational shift of humanness for as you asked you were given. Given everything you needed to be that and more. Seek out those who are awakening, be the living light to allow them to grow in the true awareness of Love and Knowledge. Show them that which Love is, teach them the knowledge they need to never be anxious again. But to know their own true self of Love and you then shall transfer the living light to all around you.

I leave to you the Light that lives among you. The Light that lives within you. The Light that is YOU.

I Am Lord Amin-RU