Monday, January 5, 2009

Original Coding of our Souls

Happy New Year to All,

As we start this glorious year I am so excited for the promises that it brings to each of us. We are on the threshold of a great shift of Love that will permeate every living being - in the Universe. No one is left out or left behind; we are all apart of this energy.... a huge collection of spiritual consciousness that cannot be ignored.

The past couple of months I know you have been feeling more alive than ever as you are trying to adjust to this transfer of Love that is effecting you in a more potent way. How is that? Well your energetic cells of DNA are being opened from the original coding of the creation that has been manifesting for a long time. As this transition takes place you are being pulled and stretched as far as it seems you may go. Have you not been feeling the separation of the living you and of the you - who is not willing to let go? The part of you - who has refused to give it all over to the Creation? The creation of your own being?

This is why it is so exciting. You have been experiencing for the past couple of months the division and separation of the original you. In that separation you have been fighting on a sub-conscious level what is real and that which is not real. Like when you fall in love and you fight that feeling for a long time not wanting to give up who you are to another, to entrust your love to anyone else who may harm it in anyway. You are fighting that which is deep inside of you that knows what love is and that which is not quite sure or not quite ready to let go. And it has been giving you one ride you will never seem to forget, but you will.

The time has come to just give, give all of it to your own original self, your original creation and know that this original coding has been pre-programmed from long ago. It is this way in each of the life times you live and experience. It is that wake-up energy cell coding that says "it is time".
Are you feeling bored or that you are not learning anything? Take a moment of time and look at the creation of what you have created in your physical life. This is your creation. What does it look like? Look at everything around you in your life right now and take responsibility for all that there is, for remember, this is your creation. This is what you have been setting into motion, and this is the year to let go of it and go with the original blue print of your creation. This is very easy to see and do as your soul iscalling out from deep inside to get your attention. This latest activation from November through now is all about Love. The original Love and Creation. How marvelous is that?

It is marvelous in the fact that you are being given everything you need to go through this in the most gentlest of ways. If it does not feel gentle, it is then you need to look at the creation of all the years that are behind you. What is the blueprint you have beendrawing up and the foundation that you have been laying down all these years? When we look back from the moment in time that we can remember up until this present time in your physical existence, what is it that you have been going through and doing? How do you go through each of your days and how did you get to where you are now? ALL of this is your creation. You are given that which you need to see where you are going with each step you take, so where has your steps taken you?

You have been living your life learning lessons; it has all been your choice in the direction you have gone, it has been your own creation. This is why you are here right now on Mother Earth. With each step you have taken in your life you have been living your learning lessons, you have grown and learned so much along the way. Each one of us learns each day and we will continue learning each moment of each day. All of this is how it is meant to be to give you the knowledge of what you are here to learn. To assist you in your spiritual evolution- on your journey to ascension. That is why there can be no judgment from one to another. For each of us opted to be here at this moment of time to learn lessons for our own evolution of ascension.

Does it always feel the best- all of the learning lessons?- No. Does it always bring rewards- Yes! With each lesson we learn we are rewarded that we shall not have to re-do that lesson. With each lesson learned we then resonate at higher levels of vibrations. Have you not felt that? A peaceful vibration that hums deep inside knowing that we survived, we have grown and we live. That the doors have opened up for our next level of learning and how glorious is that? What lessons have you learned and what experiences have you gathered along your journey? As you can look back and see all of this, so much starts falling into place and you start to see thebigger picture of who you are and what you are here to do. Everything you have learned and experienced has been a growing initiation to you. As we finish one learning level we start with another and it keeps going and going, what some might say is a never ending journey.

Now with this journey it is all up to you and how you decide to live in your creation. You are more enlightened and aware each moment of the day. Just by reading this you are storing away knowledge that while you are reading this and later will bring toyou epiphany after epiphany. It is a constant in your life. It is up to you to acknowledge that which it brings to you.

So look at your creation, assist this cellular activation by acknowledging your original blueprint of coding. When you feel as if you are being pulled apart, stop and take a nice even deep breathe in and go into your heart it is all in there. It is like a beautiful network of colors going one way and then another. This is the original you, coming alive in a whole new way. Explore it and know true in your heart who you are. For you are Love and you have always been Love. Surrender to this division - the separating of the original you from that which has always been placed upon you. And you will ride the flowing tides of energy supporting you in all ways.

Know in which direction you are heading, even if you do not seem to understand right now, you will, as you let go and be the creation of your original blueprint all things will fall into place for you.

May you be Blessed in the Peace that we share with one another .

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele