Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on Angelic Wise Ones Happenings

Let Peace be in your hearts as we move into this time of year.

Just to touch base with everyone, I am hard working on my new schedule for these next six months’ that will be going out any day! Yeah. I did not want to send out my Newsletter without them, so yes, it is late going out this month.

In creating all of this my Counsel of One of Angelic Wise Ones have been really giving us great works to move us through his new time of Love & Knowledge. So I am getting ready to post my new channelings later this week, which is for this time of Love & Knowledge that this New Year is all about.

We are moving towards looking at the truth of the illusions which has been spreading like wild fire all over the place. As a whole consciousness everything has finally been placed out in the open in the light of truth .

On my Nights of Channeling last Friday night was the first time Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru graced us with his presence to hear his words being spoken. The Blessed Mother came in to tell us her time was short that night, but that we would all be receiving a gift of activation from her real soon. As in all of my channeling’s I never know what is being talked about from my Counsel until I get to hear the recordings a day or two later. Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru came through loud and clear and it was such a gift to hear him talk about this year that we are passing through and this New Year to come for all of us. I thank all of you who attend these Nights of Channeling and the feedback that I receive how you have been touched by the words and guidance that are delivered.

Randy should have that recording up on the website real soon so you may listen to it.

Remember to love and gift yourself with peace of mind in the next coming weeks. We have all been through so much and so much more is to come. Remember that you have walked this path before and you walked through much tougher things in this lifetime. Please do not let what others place upon you be the truth that you hold in your hearts. For your heart and soul know all truths, let that be your guiding light.

Until next time. May this year be remembered for all that you have learned and grown from, may you always know that you are LOVE.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele