Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How is The Sun Shining Your Way?

How is the sun shining your way? The sun is always shining it is like the energy source that lives within you. As the sun emits its beautiful rays out and around to all as you feel the energy move all through you. This too is how each person you meet or think about feel your energy come shining through to them. Is that not marvelous? Think about each individual you interact with each moment of your day, what is it that your are sending out to them? Think about all those with whom you think about, as soon as you connect with them by a thought, when you have that moment of knowing they too are a part of your life and you energetically connect with them on a ethereal level.

What is the energy you are sending out? What is the thought form in which you are thinking of them? What is the energy in which you meet the individual and interact with them on a personal level?

This is your energy you are sending on a constant basis as you live your life each day. Some ask me about feeling energies and how to see auras. I love this as please understand each time you meet someone or see them standing across a room you are energetically connecting with them. I like to say that all those you have instant eye contact with or a thought form with --you are reading their energy field and instantly knowing who they are, what you like about them or what would make you step back and not want to connect with them. You instantly know how they feel on a personal level, if they are happy, sad, mad, and impatient, loving, and eager, upset, depressed, joyous. A good person, a not so-good person, an instant connection that will last for a lifetime or maybe just long enough for them to assist you in some way and then the opposite for you to assist them in something that they are in need of in their life.

You do this all the time. I find that every living being has this automatic connection without even knowing that they are doing this on an energetically level of any kind. Yes, you do see a red energy around the individual who just walked through the door, now what does red feel like or mean? Well this is one of those things that is already within you, you just need to take notice and keep a walking journal of what you are receiving and write it down. When you have interacted or received the same feelings in this way at least three times with the same color of red ( even though it is with different individuals) then this is your color sign/symbol for the color red. It will never fail you. So once you have this you will always know that when you meet someone or think about someone and you sense, feel or see the color red, what is going with this individual in their life at that moment of time.

Please understand that when you see these colors they will not always be like what you have seen in pictures or may have learned; as a perfect outline of colors and lights all around the individual. Most times when I see the aura and energy colors with someone, I see it in different sizes and shapes, all of this will be around to the side and in front of the individuals. It is so amazing as it then gives me the chance to see colors on different parts or areas of the body.

Sometimes I might see a huge egg shaped color of orange on someone’s shoulder, after working with this for so many years, I have come to know that the individual is birthing new creativity in their life. When someone is connected with the Blessed Mother , I see a huge pink heart with hands coming from the center like a burst of light- right in front of their heart area. When someone is sad or depressed I see a deep blue with twinkling colors of light here and there all around inside of the deep blue color. This can be anywhere on their body that it is shining from. A practicing healer is immersed in a green light that flows all over there body like a funnel from above. When the healer is not working with their healing energy- the color surrounds them in a upside down tear drop, and there is no funnel to connect them higher to it. I know then to work with them in this area to see if they are sick, not feeling well or do not have the time or the individuals to do their work with. There are so many reasons for the colors we see, it is taking the time to focus and work with it and what you are receiving.

Say you meet a new friend and you sense the color blue, then at that moment of time - stop and think what do you feel? What is making you take notice to sense this color of blue? Now write it down. Blue has many colors and variations within itself, all colors do. So pay close attention to this. It will be very important to notice all things as you are feeling, sensing or seeing the different colors around someone. Where are you as you meet this individual? What is the energy like - where you are at? What made you notice this individual and the colors around this individual? Is this individual happy, sad, tired, hungry, etc..?

As I was saying colors have different variations and each can mean so many different things, do not stress on it. Please have lots of patience. Some blues may mean a true calmness within an individual; some may mean a calmness before the storm. Some blues relate to the depth of the individuals integrity or personality. It will all be on what you are feeling at that exact moment of time.

This can go on with each color you see/sense or feel with individuals that are around you each day. As you add this in your day to day living you will begin to notice so many other things about all those around you. You will begin to open yourself to see auras in so many ways. You will become comfortable and be more joyous in the fact that yes, you are seeing, sensing and feeling where you did not give yourself credit before. All of it is already with you, it is taking the time to focus, be patient and write down what it getting your attention in that moment of time.

Now then as this becomes stronger and stronger you will receive your own verification with those within whom you meet and think about as they connect up with you to exchange greetings.

This also, assists you in remembering what energy you are giving out this day and everyday. So, how is the sun shining with you this day? How is your energy shining out to others? What is it that when you go about your day - you want others to take with them from your energy? Remember in which light you shine out to others this day. Shall you be a yellow light, pink, purple or green? Remember that there are others around you who can feel, sense and see (without always knowing ) your energetic field and it is the imprint of this in which you leave another.

Every day the sun leaves us in a glowing light of yellow and warmth, an illumination of the highest order. An illumination to allow yourself to shine from your toes up, to be thankful and grateful for all that is with you. Please be thankful to all that you are, to all those in your life at any given moment of time. You are beautiful in your own light may it shine for all to see!

As I leave you now, I leave you the energetic pink light of Love. So, How is the sun shining your way?

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele