Friday, March 6, 2009

Archangel Michael - League of Angels CD

Archangel Michael - League of Angels welcomes you into the league of Light on a higher strata than was ever offered before. As you are initiated into Archangel Michaels'- League of Angels as Warriors of the Light. Archangel Michaels' full protection shall always be with you as you journey together as One. Very powerful and miraculous energy of Archangel Michael given to you.

Archangel Michaels Shield of Light in this energetic meditation in the highest of highs you are receiving that which you need from Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael as Archangel Michael gifts you with his Shield of Light as a warrior of great strength . Fighting the darkness as a true warrior of Light in all ways. An accelerated journey of energy moves through you, within you and all around you. Simply the best!

This CD is one to stand on its on, or as an accompaniment to Alliance of Angels Light. For many years I have talked about the different fences that many sit upon and over the years I have given updates on the timing of the fence- As you know last year I said that the time has come the gauntlet has been thrown and Archangel Michael says there is no more fence sitting. This created much havoc with individuals everywhere, as many were thrown off balance and not understanding why. As you did not have a choice anymore to say well maybe or okay. It is all about know and what you are doing, moving forward as a soldier in the Light of God.

Archangel Michael came to me last year and guided me through these series of mediations to give to everyone to be directly connected to him in all ways.

Channeling through me that which he gives to all. To stand united as a warrior of light and now with this guided meditation CD you will be initiated into Archangel Michael League of Angels you are divinely guided to be one with Michael to grow in your Angel Wings to be given Michael's Shield of Light for protection as you move forward in the light.

These two guided meditations were an honor for me to record to share with you. Feeling Archangel Michael’s energies on all levels -- ascending to meet the four Guardian Archangels; Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Michael as they lovingly hold you in their embrace, to give to you all they have to give and more.

The Alliance of Angels Light is the first in this series and Now with Archangel Michael- League of Angels you will be energized, moved, loved and inspired to know who you are and to move forward in the Light of all you do!

Adele’s enchanting voice moves and guides you into a journey of an energetic connection of the highest order. These meditations CD’s are self-empowering, moving and nothing like you have ever heard or experienced before.

As a Master Teacher Adele has brought the Realms of energies closer for you to touch and connect with, opening the vortex of vibrational ascension. Each CD includes a unique guided energetic energy resonating with the vibrational coding of the Council of Light.

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Please write and share with me your experiences with these two wonderfully Divine guided meditations. We are Blessed in this Light of Love that is with each of us right now. If I may be of assist to you in your Journey you walk in building your foundation of light into your ascension process, then my journey is complete!

Love, Laughter & Light,