Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Day of Growing and LOVE

It is so beautiful outside, so I decided today I am going to work on my plants and garden. It helps to have the whole day off (smile) this is my down time, a time for me to commune with Mother Earth and the bountiful nature all around. And a wonderful way to meditate on everything! I am working on preparing my organic garden by planting new seedlings of peppers, celery and onions and of course lots of flowers in which to attract the best bugs & bees. I also need to prep the area for when my potatoes arrive next month. I already have the tomato’s ready to go and I decided this year to grow Paprika-( this is going to be wonderful) All of my first seedlings are doing so well as they are about two inches tall and just starting to sprout their first true set of leaves.

This is so exciting for me. This is where I ask all of guides to come in to assist me, with their knowledge and expertise. All of my Native Indian ancestors and guides make camp around the house and show me exactly what to do. Smelling and feeling the soil, hearing the energy of the seeds as they all sing their happiness. Thanking all for bringing this to us in this time, and for being with me to begin the process anew. The emergence of life…. To know you have done all you need to do, to make sure you have the freshest and cleanest of energies, potting medium, pure seeds, fresh water, lots of love and of course a big smile as your heart sings with the pure vibrations of sunshine..

Growing your organic garden is a lot like growing in your journey. Preparing with all the necessary ingredients coming together to then plant the seeds to watch them grow to be big, healthy, strong and beautiful. To smell the fresh dirt and feel it between your hands, knowing you are doing everything you can to make sure you have the best outcome. And then too is the energy you place within it. All of my plants get the best of my love that I have to give, as everything that will be grown in my garden will then be given to my family & friends to assist them in being healthy, happy and whole, this is my gift to them, this is my gift to myself.

How did you spend this beautiful and rich day ? What did you plant along the way that will be your gift to others? Was it your smile that brightened a day for someone? Is it the time you took to listen to another?

In everything we do, we should always stop and say, this is what I gave to myself this day and I love You !

For today I gave myself a day off, I gave myself a place to be in peace with all that is around me, I gave myself my love!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele