Monday, March 2, 2009

Going Through the Emotional Healing

Healing Winds Blowing Through

March winds came blowing a few weeks early here in the eastern part of the States. The temperature was quite cold when you stepped outside and that is what may have been felt first and then you feel the winds. When the winds kick up and start blowing in earlier than before it is a time- when things are being blown around in the energy. Have you noticed what has been blown around you?

A lot of emotional charge has been kicked around all over the place, have you felt it? Have you been sucked into something you are then trying to understand what just happened? When the winds come in like this, then we have to take the time to step back and see what is going on in our lives. What is it that is missing that has always been there before? So many conflicting emotions, this is the start of what we have been talking about in the preparation of 2012.

This is a time for things to be blown off and shown the truth to all that is around you. Ascended Master Lord Amin Ru said before, it is the time of the abundance of truth to come out. Well we have been seeing this through all as our governments, big businesses and corporations, even political parties are going through a lot of big truths. Bless them.

And they are not the only ones - are they? Everything around us is being blown wide open. And the past couple of weeks we have been seeing this and there is still more to come. You are not alone if things seem out of whack between you and your friends, co-workers, family members and more. I see individuals calling each other out on what their own perception of something is or what is going on around them..

For me to see others going through all the emotional turmoil of trying to find their own happy place is something to be inspired for and then to be made aware of. As I watch others take everything they are trying to get rid of in their own emotional healing and place it upon another. When this happens are these individuals truly getting rid of anything? Or are they misplacing it, to actually find all of it again when they need it? Kind of like a way of holding onto it, if everything else does not work for them.

When one is going through the emotional healing, there is so much in their energy field that is laid wide open. You are having your own self opened up for surgery, think about when one goes through an operation in the hospital, there are doctors and all of the assisting team on hand to perform the operation. The individual is being opened up on that surgical table, laid wide open in the special place for the doctor to then go in and work on the areas that are causing the individual discomfort or disease.

When we are working on our energy field, emotional healing, when we are going in to remove the issues, anger, hurts and discomfort, we too are then opening ourselves up to be looked at and remove that which is no longer needed to prevent us from moving forward in our ascension process, the illumination of our light bodies. All of our guides, angels and loved ones are there with us to assist where they are needed. These loving ones we can look at as our Spiritual Assisting Team. To be surrounded by the support from the spiritual realms to hold the energy, to bring to light all the things that the individuals needs in their own healing. For the individual then to be able to reflect back upon an area of their life that they have held onto with so much pain, anger, hurt. All of the emotions that connect you with that area of your life that you have already lived through and been refusing to look at. Whether this is consciously or sub-consciously.

Those in the spiritual realms have assisted you this far, they have guided you to the spot you need to be; to meet the people you have been meeting, they guide you to the store to find that perfect book that helps you see things a little differently, they are there to show to you that which you are missing, so that you can sit down and take care of all the things that you are carrying around with you.

They are making an appointment with you to just relax and look at that which you have been pushing to the side. To go where no one wants to go, to the center of your heart to re-look at all that which is there, waiting. To look at everything you have been carrying around for so long you do not know where you to start and where to begin.

Can you imagine what you will find? Yes, all those things that you have grown attached to. All those things that make you who you are, all the way up until this time, that you look upon it. To open yourself up to look around, and when you do what is it that you see? Do you dare look at what is held there? To go beyond that which you have gone before? To jump right in to finally acknowledge that which you have placed so far back, you thought never to think upon it again? And then when you do look around, all you see is yourself. Or do you?

Do you see your light self? Do you see all of the imprints that others have placed upon your energetic field? Do you see all of the conditionings that have been given to you from others, completely handed over to you so that you may hold onto that which they no longer say they want? And do you see how you have accommodated every living soul around you to take it all in? And as you have taken it in, then you have made it your own and as you have done this, it has made a home within you so that you may no longer understand that which you are and that which others have placed upon you.

This genetic coding of the years, lifetimes, experiences, lessons learned and not learned, passed down from generation to generation, this is what I call genetic coding. You have now accepted everything from everyone who is ethereally asking you to carry the torch, the flame of shame some might say. The flame of illusion is what I call it. You have been given all that your family and friends have passed down in stories along the way. To pre-make you into that which they themselves were made and had no way of coming out of.

It is in recognizing all of this that you can then lay yourself down, being wide –open and honestly say to yourself this is not mine and I give it to the light of God to be cleansed, healed and released for all times and directions. For this is no longer mine to carry, this is no longer mine to prevent me from moving forward in the light of God. For I now release this forever more.

As you go through this, you will feel as if you are alone, that there is no one that understands what you are going through, but you will not be alone for you are never alone. As you go through this remember so too does each soul you meet and touch. You are not alone as you have your spiritual and physical guides, angels and loved ones in the spiritual realms who are with you. To bring together the best of what you need to move through that which you are so fearful of finding - yourself.

As a humanity of light, we then have that which needs to bring together each one we touch, each one we know, and each one we meet. A connection to re-new the compassion of the communities and make them strong unto their own selves of sharing, caring, healing and laughter.

Every living soul has a beauty deep inside that is worth so much. It is when we gather together to decide if we are going to be the physical guides to one another and begin seeing the worth that is created and loved within each other, or are we going to place that one aside and say it cannot be done. A decision that is so easy to make, but when one is caught up in their own emotional healing, one does not see it.

We are at a time when the energies of limitations can wreck havoc among so many. By being in all of this together it makes you stronger to be able to face the many challenges that are ahead with lightness in your heart and a deep knowing of the love that surrounds you. In allowing the winds to come blowing in to expose that which has been hidden is utilizing a strength of truth that is all you. You have everything that you need at this moment of time to move your forward in the light of truth to be abundant in all you do. Allow the winds of change to come blowing through to move aside all that has been kept hidden from your view. And bless all that you release to the light of God to be blessed forever more.

I am grateful to each one of you, I love each one of you and I am blessed to have you in my life. When looking at contracts I may suggest to you that the contracts that you have together --may also be one to get each of you past that which has stopped you before.

So take a look at all that is around you, what has been a road block that maybe you have not seen lately? What has been right before you that has been trying to get your attention and you have been refusing (consciously or sub-consciously) to actually look at?

There is so much that would have you stop all that you are doing right now, little things that may seem like huge are truly not as large as it really is, and the ones that are minor just may be that which is trying to elude you to do differently than you would of thought to do before.

Keep going and you will see that which you have been holding onto to make you feel as if you are right, just may be wrong. These weeks that are going into March are the times in which we need to see clearly that which is right in front of us. If we can get through these next weeks in March you will see the difference of energies coming to light and can laugh at what is behind in February.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele