Thursday, March 5, 2009

DC Metaphysics Meet-up Group - Sunday March 15th 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Just an Angelic Reminder I will be presenting two separate teachings and lectures at the DC Metaphysics Group on Sunday March 15th form 1:00 to 5:00 pm., please read below:

Come and explore the Ocean Deep with Adele Linsalata in this Journey into the lost city of Atlantis. We'll be exploring this ancient culture that took on its creation as an extension of Lemuria. We'll start with the stories that Plato spoke of and work our way into some more current theories on this lost land. From the rise of powerful Priestesses and Prophets, to the fall of Atlantis as the people journeyed into Egypt, Adele teaches about the culture and people of Atlantis in a whole new light of understanding.

Is the physical body of Ancient Atlantis rising these days as we have been told over and again or is the understanding of the rising actually among us as we speak? Did [i]you[/i] journey and live numerous lives in Atlantis? Why do we have that strong desire to connect with our friends the dolphins? Have we come full circle with our connections with beings who have lived in the oceans for millennia?

This is an exciting and informative discussion for those who are seeking an understanding of that which has been calling to them. However, this discussion is not for those who hold onto their structures so tight as not to be open to all possibilities!

Visit Adele's site for a Calendar of many classes, workshops, readings and events. In addition, her new book "Visionary Messenger" is now available;

RSVP to join us on March 15th at 1:00pm; See you there!
Hi Members!

I hope all of you have been meditating and keeping up with your attunement practices. This meet-up is going to be a lot of fun! Adele Linsalata of in Ellicott City, MD will be joining us. She has given hundreds of workshops over the years as well as readings and gallery events. Her new book, "The Visionary Messenger" is also available for purchase now.

She will be pulling from her "Energetic Energy" workshop for all of us to participate in during the meet-up. All levels of development are welcome, from the beginner to the advanced. In this energy meet-up, Adele teaches and shows people energetically how to connect and read another person's energy by feeling and using the senses. This is not a full-length workshop but we will be active and learning during our whole session together. For those interested in more with Adele, she will be our guest during the DC Metaphysics meet-up right before this gathering at 1:00pm in the same place.
You can sign up for that group as well at:

Check out Adele's great Calendar of classes, workshops and study groups at: We may even take a field trip there at some point!

(There is no charge for this meet-up but a small donation to contribute to the meet-up site costs is appreciated.)