Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Holiday Season Special

This Thankful month's Special is Dedicated in Honor to my Angelic Mom, Joan Bellofatto.
When Spirit Guides you to me, they are guiding you to them. Give yourself a gift that your loved ones in Spirit are Thanking you for.
Each day I try to share aspects of my Mom with everything I do, with those I meet and in the journey that I live. My Mom shared…she shared everything in life, the original pay it forward…and to that, in her memory I like to pay it forward by sharing and being Thankful for each one of you as I offer this “Thankful Special” I believe we should be Thankful each and everyday in everything we do, to everything we have, to everyone who we share our lives with and for the life source energy that is within and around…

I am very fortunate as I can see, hear, feel and have an open line of communication with my Mom and my loved ones in spirit. To then be able to share with all of you to have that same connection with your loved ones in spirit, keeps a smile upon my face knowing life is precious and so is the messages you receive.

The relationship I have with my Angelic Wise Ones® and spirit guides allows me to share this thru my private readings, classes, group galleries, workshops and “Spirit Speaks Galleries ™” with all of you, with whom I and my family are very “Thankful”. 

 My Thankful Holiday Season Special begins on November 1, 2013. And I ask you to check it out, share with your family & friends as it is Only available for the month of November ….a month of sharing and Thankfulness from my Mom to each one of you!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele
Angelic Wise Ones®

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