Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yum Yum Energetic Alphabet Soup….by Adele Marie

Yum Yum Energetic Alphabet Soup….by Adele Marie


I remember growing up with my brothers and cousins sitting at the kitchen table or the front porch at my grandmother’s house and looking down upon my bowl of alphabet soup. Finding a whole world of possibilities floating around at the tip of my spoon, where the letters dodge my every move or appear ready for the taking. With every dip into the warm broth, total concentration etched across my face as I watch the letters I needed slide and sink away in concealment. Being a child of curiosity and liking challenges, never giving up in trying to bring the letters back to the surface as they float around in their home of obscurity and light. We would see who could spell the fastest or create the next word to stump the others. Yelling out when we won in the battle of words. And then the times when all you needed was just one more letter to complete your word and being thrown off balance by it hiding from your view finally deciding to move on to the next word. Laughing and sharing in the moments of our lives. The memories that come to the surface are the memories in which we still live our journey today.

The mirror of images and memories floating around in that soup effectively reflecting today on how it all ties together in our energetic pathway called life. Our journey as children, a teenager and being an adult…the choices that we have made in life to bring us to where we are now. I remember hearing stories when I was younger of someone having skeletons in their closets…I used to laugh as I would run to the closest doors throwing them open and looking for the skeletons that was said to be there…finding nothing. Nope, no skeletons hanging around inside those closets were such a disappointment and then too, it lead me on a journey to understand what those skeletons were. 

I knew that everyone lived their life with goals, some with a one-set mind as they say and others with different agendas than what they seem to place out around them to those individuals aimlessly walking around. So I would start to watch others in how they would deal with life: people, places, events, situations, verbal exchanges and how their energies would bounce all over the place or stay completely indifferent to the surroundings they lived through. Everyone seemed to be covering something up when they were visiting or standing near someone else. Hmmm…as a child this then made me even more curious. But still… no skeletons to be seen in any of the closets.

Growing up I started noticing how individuals would cover their mouths when they spoke to one another and why they did so. Usually when someone was walking past them or standing near. All I knew was the energy was not always placed where it should have been. And all of the electrical currents of energy was amazing to see and feel between individuals. Moreover as far as I could see, still no closest and no skeletons where anywhere near the vicinity.

What I did notice was that an individual’s electrical energy system that would be displayed to me was in a variety of different patterns. I began noticing the difference when someone was happy, sad, angry, lost, humiliated, hiding something from view, altered with alcohol or drugs, untruthful, genuine, depressed, malicious, etc... And then there would be a diagram displayed that showed the route this was being taken and why. Sometimes in plain hard angles and sometimes flowing with such a grace and elegance one could get lost in the moment. I could then start to distinguish the systems of an individual’s energy to locate the source of their despair or happiness, joy and triumphs, death and life. Like bare bones being laid out that interconnect to make the whole. Hmm…a skeletal pattern…some being displayed very clearly and some as being obscure in what was being shown. A mixture just like when I was young and seeking answers in my alphabet soup.

What would happen then would be for me to journey to seek the answers that was always traveling through my mind. The Journey…

We all have a journey here to unfold according to the direction that we travel, whether this is by words and actions or thoughts and creation. We journey through this life with a set of dreams or goals in mind or aimlessly wondering and stumbling through it. Either way we all end up at the same point in time somewhere along the way. We end up living our lives through free will of choice and at the same time, by a society that we are energetically attached to for an outcome that is directed by the choices made before us. The skeletal pattern of mixed alphabet soup remains there to seek within the discoveries that lie waiting. And as far as the old saying of “skeletons in the closet”, well…everyone has them. Everyone has had a journey whether they like it or not of lessons learned and to be learned. A collection of letters that we utilize to express who we are, what we are and why we do what we do. Who then are we to judge another in their journey of creating a better bowl of alphabet soup?

What comes to mind when you think of your bowl of alphabet soup? Memories, so many of memories flooding through your mind that it shall make you laugh no matter that anyone else is around. Everything that you feared to everything that you enjoy.  Good, bad or indifferent they are all there. It is to take what comes at you and see it for what it is and then sending it on its way with as much love as you have. To take all that you have experienced and lived through in joy as the learning lessons to be the better you. For they are your memories of what you have experienced in your lifetime, not that of someone else’s choosing, or is it? Either way, when it all comes down to it, no matter what you believe is in someone’s skeletal closet that they have lived through, it is their skeleton of energetical pathways of their journey here in this lifetime. Celebrate that journey with them as we each live our own.

Take me for an example; I have many names that I have lived in this lifetime. Some names are given to me through marriage some by the work that I do. And with each one it alters the energetic map of my electrical energy pathways, my energy skeleton, and my lessons earned and learned. And then the name I was born with, that was given to me through an energy all its own, that of Adele Marie. We must not forget the ones I choose with my work and profession, The Visionary Messenger, and Angelic Wise Ones®, for this is my own alphabet soup of energy that allows one to know who I am and what I do. And for me, I would not have it any other way for my closet is never closed to the viewing audience, why should it be? For if someone can learn through my own experiences then my bowl alphabet soup has been shared with love for all.

Remember it is your bowl of alphabet soup memories that is there for you to dunk and scoop the words that complete you in this energetic lifetime. It is that simple, for you can make or create the journey to be one of pain or pleasure. One that no matter what others say or do, they can never take your bowl away from you, only humbly take the seat next to you and ask if you will share more.

Only you can always choose to obscure the ingredients from others view with the words that float around aimlessly as they look upon you or you can decide to change the energetic blueprint of tasty ingredients that make your own soup alphabetically one that is shared by all.

To all the closet that are left bare of skeletons that others say are there…is our own personal bowl of energetic alphabet soup…yum, yum, yummmm...


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

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