Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Angelic Bold and Beautiful

Angelic Bold and Beautiful

That’s right its Angelic bold and beautiful time…..

Get ready for this year is about to explode all around you with an energy that is about to expose even more than ever before.

Hello Angels, Whew…feels good to stretch and get the energies flowing. So many articles and channeling’s that have just been waiting to share with you. And even more so the attitude of a new Angelic Wise Ones® that has been stirring up some energies of newness everywhere we go. We have been out and asking you what it is that you would like to see, know and experience this year of 2014 and at the same time you have been seeing a new light under the guidance of the Angelic Wise Ones® that leaves many of you speechless and others applauding.

Do not expect the same things this coming year with the way everything is unfolding, we are busy at work, we are experiencing some wonderful upgrades of energy and we are speaking about what is you need to hear. So if now is the time you do not want to hear the truth then keep on clicking thru the world-wide-web as I am not holding back what needs to be said.

In saying this lets talk Sylvia Browne

I’m surprised as to the individuals who like to say they are getting direct communications (messages) or channeling from a famous celebrity as not to see more of them channeling in Sylvia. They always crack me up…especially when Michael Jackson passed away. There has to be a personal connection. They still do not get that. And then again, there is not too many good reviews with Sylvia in the news, which others will want to stay away from as not to connect their name with her. Well, she is apart of our childhood and she is a part of our spiritual learning world. Good, bad or indifferent… Her name was Sylvia Browne and she was an Internationally known Psychic who has transitioned to the spirit world in which many still seek answers.

I have a bookshelf with all of her books, that is, I inherited them when my Mom passed away about eight years ago. She loved Sylvia and I am sure they are both talking together right now. My mom never missed a Montel Williams show when Sylvia was on. She would call me up and say “Sylvia’s on Montel”. I knew I had to turn on the TV and find the channel or she would be upset. Now mind you, I said I had a bookshelf full and I do. I have not read them, well…the ones from a long time, many years, eons ago… I did read. I found them interesting and at the same time repetitive. But, anyone seeking anything that was remotely familiar in what they were going thru, turned to Sylvia. Face it, I do not know anyone who does not have a Sylvia Browne book on their bookshelf. She was the matriarch of spirit in today’s platform. A door opener to show you the way to talk to spirit and to hear from her spirit guide Francine all about what goes on, on the other side. I have no problem with the old Sylvia Browne and I am not here to disrespect her. I am here as a Medium and a Visionary at that, to give my side of the story. As I said, Sylvia was the TV Psychic Matriarch in today’s world of spirit communication. She broke ground, brought all of it into your home to view and for you to decide, what you decided she was or was not. You either liked her or not. It was all your choice to turn her off or stayed tuned in…As I said I was comfortable with the old Sylvia before she went big time with a big publishing house. Many times I did sit and watch her on Montel as they years went by and I was saddened by what I saw. I saw an audience being enticed to give all the details for Sylvia to just give a short clipped answer that anyone could have given. I saw desperate people seeking answers not realizing that they gave too much information away to get an answer they really needed. And no one can forget her fingernails or how she would dig into her ears with them…lol…these are things that you do when you do not realize what you are doing. It’s all about the focus.

 I saw an audience that would have given anything for Sylvia to be real with them, if they even understood what that meant. I witnessed individuals time and time again that just sat there as if she was a being like no other, and basically she was.  From an outsider’s point of view, you just knew this. You saw how they would stand there waiting for anything from her to make that connection…and that is just it; you never saw a real connection. It was like a blank canvas waiting for someone to create it, to run up with paintbrushes and allow the message to come alive. For someone like me, it was the hardest as I would get the answers before they started to even talk to her, and when I heard her answers I would just sit there an shake my head. And you can see why over they years there was so much controversy with her and the messages. And I understand some of it too.

Whenever I meet someone, a group of individuals and they ask what I do, it will depend on how I am feeling, what I am doing or why I am out and about. I will usually tell them I am an author or spiritual teacher. And then there are those times when I just say “ I talk to dead people” . The reactions vary from OMG... wow... awesome... or I will hear them say “ok then, tell me about myself right now, tell me what my grandmother is saying to me”. Now let me just say, there are differences with all of this as sometimes the individual is very excited and genuine. Most times though the individual(s) is being rude or is trying to test me. When this later happens I just sit there and think to myself “well you just blew it…I am not a monkey to jump to answer you and I do not have to prove myself”… to them I usually end up walking away. To the ones who are genuine, I like to talk a few minutes with them to see what their energies are saying before I decide to extend myself or not. Either way, unless I approach you or find that I need to tell you something then, no, I am not going to stand there and give you messages to prove what I do is awesome. And yes, I do need your permission in order to give you what I am receiving, but, understand my life is “ON” 24/7 and I love talking about what I do, in fact I enjoy it, I could fill your whole day or night up. But I was once told by a very amazing women to always be conscious of someone s time. This has stayed with me, so I do not like to waste your time as much as I do not like when someone waste mine. 

And too many times when watching Sylvia on TV I knew my time was being wasted and then again was it? It made my Mom happy to share this with me and as my Angelic Wise Ones® always let me know…“There is a reason for everything, sit back and enjoy the show”. So I did and I learned so much from those episodes. The greatest thing I did learn was to never send harm to another, for one day you may be the one that is in harms way.

As I sit here I look back at the lessons learned from watching Sylvia and I am saddened that most people do not get it, especially in the world in which we as Mediums live. She let us know that what others call a gift, it is our life that we live and breathe. And no matter what happens in life, we keep on breathing…

God Bless and may your journey home have been one in which you have always written…in Love.

Keeping it Angelic Bold and Beautiful Today!


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie


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