Thursday, April 24, 2014

April to the End

Hi Angels,

I do hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and getting out to breathe in
the freshness.

As the beginning of the year seems to have flown by, I do hope everyone
has been able to accomplish many things as we go deeper into this year.
April is one of those months that will seem to be really really good or
...well…there are exceptions to every rule, right? Just keep your heads up
and allow time to think on things before the reaction that could magnify
energies and tempers when it is not really needed…that is
where we need to keep the energy flowing.

So what do you promise yourself right now for the summer months that are
ahead of us? Even though we always live in the moment of the energy it is
okay to go ahead and plan a few things too. If we focus and center
ourselves around being our most productive self, seeking true and genuine
answers, and allow ourselves to seek truth then we shall not be burden
with the enormity of the pressures of those around us. We can then allow
ourselves to enjoy the spiritual experience even more so. It is okay to be
clear to yourself and those around you about who you are and what you are
about. It is okay to step right up and know the direction you are going.
It is okay to be the voice inside that always will take pride in who you
are with no negotiations. So why not allow that inner child voice a chance
to be heard? And the main individual that needs to hear it is your own

Why not give yourself a chance to finally live once and for all?

No more allowing others to rent that space within your heart and mind, no
more allowing others to take a piece of you, chew it up and spit it out to
tell you that is what you are and what you need t accept. No more allowing
your own self to keep you blinded in misery when there is so much more to
you and so much more Love that you have to give not only to others , but
also to your own self. So what if others do not like it? As long as you
are not giving harm to others then no harm shall be given to you, by you.
Get it?

Now, lets place your feet squarely on the floor and move them to the age
old rhythm of seeking, exploring, accepting, doing and accomplishing the
greater gift of the loving you!

As I have said before, we are changing many things here at Angelic Wise
Ones®, be ready…We have waited so long for things to roll within this
energy and our patience has been very successful. I cannot wait to share
even more with you.

Let’s just all good things we wait, in all good things we shall be…

We are going to be sending out an Angelic Special soon, so keep watch, you
are going to Love it!

I have been collaborating with an artist friend with a new series of books
I am working on, and there are days when I just need a breath of fresh
air….There are days when life is so personal that just a little hint shall
do…and there are those days when we all need to sit back and ask “ Is this
for my highest and best and to that of those around me”…so I will also be
having coffee/tea with those who are interested in sharing and getting
updates or have something interesting to talk about, so look for those
updates around town, you just never know where I will be…so check my
Instagram, Twitter and Face Book page of Angelic Wise Ones® to see
everywhere we shall be next….

Love, Laughter & Light™©, Adele Marie

All Rights Reserved 2014©Adele Marie/ Angelic Wise Ones®