Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Welcome and Hello to 2014

Welcome and Hello to 2014.

Here we go again…Welcome to 2014! It does not matter who you are and what you do, no one is immune to the energies that have been with us and shall continue to rise ahead and over all that shall live the lands of times here on Mother Earth.

Wow, we made it and here we go again, as everywhere I go I hear everyone say  “I am so glad 2013 is done, hello 2014”…I have to laugh at that as what did you leave behind that you are so glad that it is over and finished? And more importantly what shall be different than that which you have left behind? For this energy that is here with us is never the beginning or the end….but the re-begin of you

We have all left a lot behind us in 2013 and hopefully it is good stuff to bring 2014 in with a wonderful resonating energy that shall continue onward. We have built, directed, created, thrown out, organized, stepped up and out and kept going. We said what we have to say and for many there was nothing that needed to be said. We have given over all that we are and all that we need to be delivering into the eternity of the Holy Trinities.  Many will be brushing themselves off and wondering what happened as they step into 2014, so much so that I can understand why they say they are glad 2013 is behind them.

2013 was all about the Holy Trinity energies. This energy is the acclimation of energies we have been receiving and living thru for the past five years and it is headed (as we have said so before), into the accretion of Christ itself. The time when everything was exposed and no stone was left unturned. A time to willing condemn those around you while you turn the mirror of your own reflection away, and why not, no one wants to really see their own truths or deceit. In 2013 we lived within the electric cobalt white energies that opened up in the Holy Trinity to expose, seek and destroy all falseness that was lurking about and it only gets better as 2014 will bring the acclimation of their untruths to not just be shown, but to be eradicated once and for all. With the Hoy Trinity the portals were opened in triple sets of threes. A time when the dimensional portals were extended far beyond what we have seen before. A tunnel of emerging Ascended Master energies that not only sought out those to which would blind others with a falseness of deceit, but to place them within reach of their own deceit. A vortex of Ascended Masters that reached beyond what humankind has seen before and stood tall before those who illuminated the Holy Trinity within. A conservatory of gazing into light so rare and pure, that you needed to be free of the bonds of falseness that held you, to behold the purification of the physical-ness which precedes the magnificent glory of the Christ. So at times if you believed you were purging more than once this past 2013, then be grateful that you had done so, for your physical-ness was being prepared to receive and receive you shall. A time of the kaleidoscope energies of children, ever changing into the energies in which we set forth that is deeded and done.   

An amazing energy to see and be apart of, as we all were. We all were apart of these energies to grow and to be that which we say that we are. A time when our own truths lead us in the direction of our hearts knowing, or guided us to the path with no ending in sight, to be stalled once again. A Holy experience of energies that brought us many disclosures for us to choose which direction our journey re-began.

For re-beginning we did do…

So yes, I can see why many would be thankful to believe 2013 is well and gone. Looking back at 2013, so many things were exposed and given freely by those seeking to be the center of the universal portals to bring others along a long road of sluggish energies. But to those of the Holy Trinity energies the doors of champion were glorified once and for all to know that you have not been left behind with no voice to re-begin. Many voices were raised to only hear the void in which it came from. We have talked about all of this for so long that many seem to be living the eons of years ahead, in which they are not living the years in which is presented to them right now.

We have stepped into the Christ energies of 2014…

We re-began to see that world in new ways, new lights, new words and expressions. We re-began to look within to understand where it is we needed to be and to what degree it would serve others. And we re-began the process of stepping out of our shells of servitude to walk in the beginning of the trinity in which we profess our thoughts and words to deed the actions we live. We spiraled into the Holy Trinity with many not even knowing it or giving credence to the magnificent beings present. This is where the ride stops and re-begins, for to be the illumination then you must be illuminated from within.

As we step into 2014 and the Christ Energies more so now than ever before, we are asked to that which you say to be true, is it to be true or to be true in the humility which placed itself in every area of your being to never be forgotten, but to be lived.  We were given exposures of others truths, we were given the stories to connect the dots of understanding, we were given the time to feel what it is like to know truth and to know deceit, and we were given the choice as to which road we walk.  With the choices being made, we are brought into 2014 with a knowing that feels wonderful to shrug off that which is behind and move into that which is the authentic self of Christ…

Welcome to 2014 may you be blessed in the journey of energies of Christ like never before. And may you know which direction is true….to the Christ within you…..


Love, Laughter &  Light™

 Adele Marie


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