Saturday, August 15, 2009

Channeled Message From Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru

Hello and welcome to a new day,

From time to time I receive so much from Lord Amin-Ru that I find myself sitting down to look at all of it. I am amazed how much he is giving to all of us, as with this last channeling I hade over sixty pages when he was done. I found that he intentionally is giving so much as for us to understand the energy in which we are living and receiving. So many individuals are being torn in many directions right now. It is like a fracturing of the emotion and physical, to then bring the spiritual right in our faces. We all know this energy right now is about remembering and re-connecting back to our true spiritual self in who we are and allowing that to flow into all we do. I share with you this now as he is here with me enjoying every moment. Blessings to all and love that last an eternity!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

Channeled Message From Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru
Through the Light Years of 2012 the Time of the Innocence

Humans are so much more worthy and interesting as in the way they see all that is around them. The teacher has been quiet these past weeks as she is working on her next book, I sit with her as she goes within to see that which is given to her to bring to the physical existence in which you live. But in all of this there is a bigger message that is with each of you. Time is not limited in the Universe but in the ways of the human world it is a veritable clock work schedule.

Greetings as beyond the limitations of your physical continuation I come to gather and give to you, the words that are being spoken all around you. It is the time in which you hold so dear that shall be that which brings you to be late in all you do. The universe has been accepting back unto its folds all that has been delivered to the earths humanity which was not given its full due. All that is before you shall be behind you in a blink of the eye. Let that so which trails behind you be that which you give and give freely of love and compassion. For all that trails behind you shall be that which comes back to you in these times of innocence.

Be forgiving, thankful and grateful in all you do, time is the physical essence when you walk this plane that is called your Mother Earth. To all of you in this room, know there is no time like the present to start with new eyes of awareness in all you do.

As I say to each of you, you have entered this, the energy of the innocence, as those who are here with you have been limited in their innocence in this physical life. Many have been stuck with their own feelings for what seems like an eternity, but in which has only been a relatively short breath. That which you have been dealt has been much heavier than what you expected. You have seen and are living the shedding of energy that came to you in such a rush that is hard to catch your breath.

There has been so much time at hand as the veil has been ripped away for you to see with your physical eyes how the worlds in which you live have been on display and you have been a character in a play. A time to occupy yourself, in which you allowed others to soothe you in everyway that is to be. Now as the veils are being ripped from you, you have come to the time when you will see that which has been created in your world, which has been your own choosing. You have given everything to others to bring you the peace and happiness you constantly seek.  You have given all your physical awareness to others on your planet of Mother Earth. You have given all the worldly possessions that you have made, created, constructed and played with to others, and they have been slowly ripping them away from you for you to not see the damage until the damage has been done. And know that the damage of your world is open for you to see the truth in many ways.

As you are going through this many of you are feeling exposed, dumped upon, tired, oh so very tired of all of it. You are being drawn and quartered from this ripping a shedding of that which you still hold close to you. Remember as I have said to you before, you as the living light will be going through a series of events that shall be pulling every last vestige of emotional baggage you hold onto. Every light that you bring to others shall then shine upon your own to heal and move through. The veil is exposed in front of you and you have come very far in your journey. You are asking for a chance to take a break to be able to not work so hard and have time to play. I say this to you; the playing you do in your physical life is the playing you receive in all you do. Be joyous with your own value which you place upon yourself. Know that you are not alone that you have within you all that you need and that we are with you every way.


For this is the time of the innocence which is upon you. The truth in which has been exposed in now what blinds your eyes. For these are the eyes of the innocence on that which you shall live through the times that come before you I am in much awe of you who walk your planet of Mother Earth for everything that has been shed before you ,you have gained an independence for which there shall be no turning back.

Ahh.. if I could turn back that which you call time where would I be? I too, should be on a journey that brought me once again here with you. For in every cycle there is that which needs to be completed, for it to be completed you must live through that which is ahead of you. You shall journey until you have found that which makes it complete, to then be lived no more. You shall rise in your ascension as you have done so before, but with all of this you shall seek that journey of empowerment and shall surmount all that is before you.

When will the humans of your planet of Mother Earth realize that all they need, all that they desire within their whole being. Is that which cries out, is to go inside and be one with their own self? When the population of your earth humanity opens that door, you shall see as we see, the revelation to many things being revealed in your time. To make known the time of innocence has come just as your eyes are to be opened to the masters that have been among you.

How much more can those of your humanity take before the message is given to stop and change in the direction they are going?  Too much is placed on those around who know their trade but then sit back to enjoy the fruit of others labor. So much being revealed and so many of your earthly humans closing their eyes to the truth around them. The age of innocence is what is before you; all that you have brought with you in this lifetime is now surfacing and is being hit by a wall of denial so strong that it takes much more now to move through the realms of your earthly life. But this can be done with much enthusiasm as one gives to others all their strength and power.

As before, I gave to you the words to bring you some peace as you move through the light years of 2012. Through this time of innocence that is before you. It is now upon you as not to far away from your thinking and understanding. When this happens most of your humanity seeks out all that they may to find that which will then ring true within their own being. What is it that rings true in your being? Do you see that which you walk has shown the way for you to be here? To where you can begin your journey into the next generation of living? This generation of innocence?


The walk that is taken you is going up the mountain and not below it, but to get to the mountain you must follow the trail that has been given to you from those before you. The trail in which you walk is one that has been completed over and over again. Do you not feel deep within that you have journeyed this before? You should as you have the guidance with you to re-familiarize yourself. You are walking the path of many thousands before you and their path is deep that you walk. The mountain, in which you walk, was not always there. It has over the creation of your planet of Mother Earth been transformed before you to be one of majestic heights. To the one who conquers that height shall then be opened to the beauty that is before them. As I have said before, know your path of truth. Do not be afraid of it. There is no reason to be. You have traveled through much more than what is before you. And you have survived all that you have been through, is this not so? You have the love of all that is around you to guide you in this journey. You have the Masters of all times beside you, you have Yahweh. There is nothing more to say it just is.


Many right now are calling for peace and they shall have the peace that they so seek, remember it is in the calling that shall be delivered to you. Many are calling for domination of all that they see before them. I ask you what is before them? A land that has survived, been conquered and so shall be again? A host of humanity that looks for the guardian to lead, so that they may follow in the lightest of journeys. Is it for those who call out and demand that which they can feel is within their grasp? What is it that they feel? What is it they demand? For no demand is left unanswered. Shall they seek the true answer? Will they be pleased with what they receive? There is no demand within your land that shall be forgiven the request in which it is sought. For to demand that which conquers the breath in which others breath, shall be returned in the breath in which is the demand.  Only a demand that is expelled in genuineness of Yahweh shall be delivered in the true light for which seeks the fulfillment of love.

As I have spoken hear the words that are given to you, that which they call for has no meaning if it is not developed in the love and truth in which it is asked. Many wars upon your planet of Mother Earth have been in the name of Yahweh. But do they know the voice of Yahweh? Do they know that which commands is one who denies the commandment that shall go forth in the evolution of your existence?

Deep within you is the answer and key to find that which shall unlock and open you to your ascension. There is no beginning and no end there is only that which is.
The beginning knows your relationship to Yahweh; it is being aligned to that truth that shall assist you in rising to that level in which you seek for your ascension with Mother Earth. Innocence of eyes shall look upon all that us around and not know in which direction to seek, I say to you give that direction to the heart of your innocence and you shall always seek what is held within.

Have you realized that you are a being who has great potential and power? Have you realized what can be done with all of this? When you see what you hold in your own two hands you will open the doors to your own truth and understanding. Why is this so hard? Why because you are human. You chose to finish this thing through to the end. You have also designed to be apart of a great life of energy vortexes around your world and you have now decided against it. Why?

What is it that makes a human any less a human? It is when a human has made the choice to not do anything at all.

Is this where you see yourself? Many will not voice this but they too find that there is no voice to those who do not feel there is nothing they can do. As we among you do not see it that way. You have decided to be in this great uplifting of energy that shall provide Mother Earth to be apart of her soul group once again. She has reached the limit of her existence when the cycle needs to be repeated. She is shedding unwanted energy that no longer suits her. And yes you are all apart of this shedding. You are feeling it are you not? You are feeling the veils being shed around you. You are feeling that which has always been true for you being ripped away form your physical life right now. And this is why you are on constant turmoil with that is going on around you. You are seeing all that has ever been created in your name is not the name in which you have lived. You are finding through the innocence of your eyes that you are more than what has been created by all those around you. You are at the point when you do not know what to do or what to believe. How could you be existing all this time with what others have created for you without the knowing that is there? How can another of your humanity place that much upon you? It is the direction in which has been developed for many times and many years of your time. You are now being exposed through the innocence of your own eyes the truth that is which is you. And that truth is very much loved but has been left alone for so long. It is through this love you have for self that shall bring you to the awareness of what lies ahead. Build upon the truth in you and allow no more that which others create as being you.


Ah yes, I hear you, for many will say yes, they do know what is going on and they can handle all of it. I salute you in every way. You are among the few who get it. I am right; this is you I am talking about? You who know all that has been placed upon you? All that others have created in you? It is you who has a word to say about everything and everyone on your planet. You have a word to say that is the right thing to say, do you not? You have reached a level of your growth were you know all. And you will be allowing your own freedom of expression to reign on all you do. Do you understand if you are at the beginning of that level or at the end? For surely every level you advance you are truly at the very beginning of it again.

Enjoy the level in which you have reached so far. For the truth shall rise above all that there is right now. For as your Mother Earth rises so shall you, and as you are rising you are shedding that which is no longer viable to keep. No longer in the truth of who you are, that which others have created you to be and many do not like this. They do not like it so much they shall do and say many things about another.

I have once told you many times that now is the times for spiritual communities to come together. This I said and it is true. The spiritual communities have been a constant but there are times when they seek their own glory in all they do and this is not going to be with this energy. The innocence of the soul will not allow it to be.


The innocence that is deep within you is rising as the Atlantis energy is now and has been rising. What were you in search of? Do you think it was a land mass that was rising? Have you explored the crystals deep within the oceans of your planet of Mother Earth? Have you found them yet? Yet you are so close but so far, No, you have not found that which lies deep below the level of water that shall sustain you as you so desired, for as the true crystal you seek is deep within you. You may resonate to the oceans of crystals that are buried deep beyond your physical reach but, you are resonating with the crystal of your heart center that lies in wait as you rise in your energy field. As that rising has created the cleansing of your original soul. The rising of the energy in which shall bring truth and enlightenment for all those upon your planet of Mother Earth. You shall shine in that rising. You shall be a part of a creation that has not existed for eons of time. It is the cycle in which is repeated. This too is why you have so much connection on an etheric level and deep with in your soul to the crystals that are around you. They call out to you they speak to you and they work with all that which is in you. This is why you seek that which lies so deep beyond the physical reach, for it is there just waiting to be with you once again.

This is why there is great pull right now going on within you. You are being aligned to the crystal deep within you. You are being aligned with Mother Earth on a level within her that shall rise in her ascension along with you. Your ascension is much celebrated; we are all gathered watching your progress as you release the physical restraints of the human world. You are moving into the times of the crystalline energy and we shall be with you.

Open your eyes to the innocence that is around you and grow in your journey to be whole and complete. The times ahead are like a clear crystal wall that shall be before you. As you walk closer to this wall, all that shall not be of the innocence shall then be left behind. You shall shed it like a robe that blends within you. All that you so guard and hold onto shall prevent that entry to the crystal that calls to you.

I bring to you the words that are held deep within, the words that speak of truth and enlightenment to you. There will be many more whom shall go this way, for they travel their journey with Yahweh and that journey shall be complete. Through the eyes of the innocence you shall find your way to the Kingdom that beholds all that is you.

I give to you my peace as your journey has truly begun. I welcome you into the light years of your own innocence of 2012 that is you and I AM forever here beside you.

I AM Lord Amin-Ru