Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All !!!

Merry Christmas !!!

Sending Blessings to everyone this Holiday.

When the Three Wise Men found baby Jesus in the manger, they laid at is feet wonderful gifts that would enrich his life. For they were honoring him, in the promise of all things to come.

May you always feel the Love in your hearts that you receive each day from Jesus to enrich your life in everyway. For the path you lay as you walk, is the promise that you are always Blessed in the Light of God!

I spend this day cooking for my family, giving them Love to fill their bellies, so they may always know they are full in Gods love, for God always fills our needs and heart.

May you Bless those around you and those whom you may not see. Send you Love to those close in heart for them to feel you next to them during this wondrous Holiday.

I send you my Love and Peace, Adele