Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hitting a Home Run

As the New Year Arrives with us this brings a whole New Time to the wonders of the energy that is with us. As I have been talking about for the past couple of years the old energy is a thing of the past, this year it is all about stepping into the activation in all of us.

As many of you know this speed of energy that we are transitioning into is working for us not against us. It is what we have been asking for and we are riding the wave of that in which we ask.

Take a moment to sit and quietly state that which you are seeking to activate this year. A setting of motion that is going to sweep you off your feet with Love, Peace and Accomplishments.

If you are feeling so overwhelmed by the end of this past year – 2007- then now is the time to release that which you are holding onto so tight that you are afraid to let it go. Many do not know why they are holding onto to it so tight. Well when we are familiar with something, it is very comfortable, so comfortable that to release it and let go seems like you are being asked to let go of yourself. This is quite exactly, what is happening. You are letting go of all the stuff that has no more meaning to who you are and where you are going. It is like looking at your ego side and saying – goodbye- and yes, you are saying –goodbye.

Goodbye to all that is no longer going to control you. That hidden little fear inside that says you cannot do it going to be let go and thrown out the door.

As you do this you set into motion an activation that says “ I Am. I am saying hello to all things new that I know deep within me feels right and I can finally breathe once again". It is a completely new start to all the wonderful promises and potential that you have written in your contract to do here. When we take the time to take care of ourselves, we then, can take care of others in the Light that is written to do so.

I was at the grocery store this morning, finished my shopping and I was placing my items on the conveyor belt and waiting for the cashier to start to ring my items up. A man approached and asked why I had chosen the foods that I had in my hands. Mind you, I usually do not pay attention to anyone in the grocery store as I am trying to get in, remember what I need and then go home.

I turned to him and smiled and said “these items are what felt right for me to buy for my family” He kept asking me about each item. Now he had my attention and I thought it was amazing to have this man with only two items in the longest line when the express was in the next lane and not really busy.

Now, please realize I do not “read” everyone when I am out and about (this is irresponsible for anyone to do and an invasion of privacy for the individuals) since he approached me, this gives me Universal permission to tap into his energy and see what is up. But then again, I took the past few days off and really did not want to engage with anyone right then I just wanted to go home and cook dinner for my family.

So, I proceeded to finish answering his questions as he was still analyzing my purchases. Then he caught my attention in a different way with his next question.
“Did you know New Jersey just passed a law for Corporal punishment and I was wondering how you felt about it?”

I stood and just started at him and finally said “ I am sorry to disappoint you but I am a teacher of Metaphysics ” He stared at me and said “oh” and that was that. I do believe everyone has a personal response to questions as this one, but this was not one I was gong to answer. It’s like when someone ask” Who are you voting for?” Is this not a loaded question? I try to stay away from politics with others, I like to listen, throw in a few comments here and there but other wise, I like to stay way out of it.

Then the cashier started to chime in to say what she thought. All of a sudden here he was going around me and getting into this debate with the cashier telling her how wrong her answer was. I stood there just listening and once again it makes me laugh as when someone says “ excuse me, may I ask your opinion” and then proceeds to tell you their view point and that you have the wrong answer.

I was so glad my guides kept me out of that whole transaction and interplay. He was a likeable fellow and just needed someone to talk to, I just love to listen and watch when others throw you a curve ball, to see if you will take the bait and swing.

I made the choice years ago to release the itch for playing baseball and decided to hit a home run and keep going!

And that is what this energy is all about. Will you take the bait to hold on so tight to that which is not working any longer or will you swing the bat to hit it out of the park and keep going?

This New Year you have everything you need from the Universe to support you in all of your desires that you have hidden deep within you. Take these desires and place them out in front of you and see which ones have been kept hidden the longest and see how much the desire has changed from the first time you placed it away. If you still feel the same way after all this time, then do something about it. Take that desire out, polish it up and speak your intentions to the Universe. Let Go and Let God!

When you can give your whole heart to all of it, you will have that which you have hidden so deep for so long.

Let me know when you are ready to let go , let me know when you have polished your desire and are ready to live it. Let me know when that desire has manifested before you .

Let yourself know you are truly loved in all ways right now. There is always a time when we are loved so much that we cannot feel the love the Universe is sending us. For we are too busy searching. It is okay to know we are loved and we have everything before us to love us right back. Take a moment and send love to your heart. For when you send Love to your heart, you are sending Love to God.

Love, Laughter & Light , Adele