Sunday, December 9, 2007

Divided Aspect of Our Soul

If we are an divided aspect of our overlay of soul, and in it each aspect than can become an individual, then each one of my children represent an aspect of myself and I am here to see myself in each one of them and correct that which is not whole.

The greatest quest is how we overcome the shortcomings that we see and in effect make adjustments to the corrective soul to be as one whole.

For in each aspect of the individual we must first see the corrective-ness, than put it into effect and conquer that which is stopping from becoming a whole.

The equation to that part is the true test of our soul into which then our reality, in which we are, then lifts the veil to that which is our reality of spirit.

It is then we see the illusion for which we brought into our reality to live out here in this dimension. Moreover, as we lift the veil our true divinity of reality is exposed.

Once the veil has been lifted, then all that we perceive to be reality will cease to exist and we will then move on to our next level of divinity of spirit.

Therefore, there truly is no separation, for we cannot separate from our own selves. In addition, all that we hold dear is always with each one of us, for in essence what we hold dear is our own selves.

All that we love is in our selves the whole time that we are seeking. So that which we seek – we seek is in our selves.

Re-member the game we play, for if we are to walk into spirit as our earth bodies’ decay & die. Then we are already in spirit as we walk into the earth body, to educate our selves for our next spiritual level of our divinity.

For what level are we at in this time is for us to see as we have graduated to the next level.

For we must also recognize the origin of our contract to come on Mother Earth, we are making a contract within ourselves. That is why, we know it so well and we have asked to be blinded to it until we start to play the games a game of remembrance of spirit, the- I AM.

I am here now, so that I may step up to the next level of knowledge.

I know who I AM.

Love, Laughter & Light,

Adele Marie