Monday, December 3, 2007

Celebration Book Release

Wow, what a night after all of these months we Celebrated my two New books The Visionary Messenger and The Guided Journal with the Visionary Messenger.

What an amazing journey it has been. When I first sat down to write The Visionary Messenger I had just finished saying good-bye to my Mom as she transitioned on November 22, 2005. And as I was looking back on my life I knew I had to get the message out and to get started. Spirit was urging me to move forward as the energy and time was right to bring all of it out to the individuals who were seeking answers and needed to understand what was going on in their own lives.

It was awesome to sit behind the keys and start to pour everything out, most of the book is channeled from my higher self in who I Am and my guides as what is needed for the individual to grow in their own ascension. As the pages started to unfold, I too, knew all of it was right and it felt wonderful to get it on paper, to share everything with everyone.

When I work with individuals and see the pain they go through in not knowing what is going in their lives and within their own self. To see fear in their eyes as they relate to me their own stories of seeing, hearing or feeling spirit and to be able to assist them in understanding, it is okay and there is nothing to fear. To walk them through the processes of understanding the process of transitioning and where their own loved ones are. But most important is to guide an individual in developing their own self to enlighten them to walk in the glory of who they are as they open themselves to communicate with spirit, is my message and what I am here to do. And I am very honored to be here with them at this time.

In The Visionary Messenger it is more than just my story of my life it is a story of everyone’s life to awaken that which is within to see the truths of their own life as they are living it right now. To then speak the truths of what they will need to understand and learn as they take the steps to enlighten their selves to move forward in the Light.

It is so thrilling to then have my guides come back to me as I finished my first book and say okay here is the next one, it will be a journal to help individuals understand how to journal and to release that which is holding them back from their own ascension. A time to connect with their God self.

And as I sat and waited for both books to go through the publishing process I had more and more clients come to me who needed to hear what was written in these two books, to understand about Societies conditionings and what was going with them, to understand it was okay that they were going though with their own relationship with spirit.

I am very thrilled to be bringing these two books to the Metaphysical world in which we live. There is so much going on energetically right now and we will need all we can to move forward as one in the Light. Enjoy the books !

May you be blessed with the knowledge that is freely given to each one of us, as we journey here on Mother Earth, it is my pleasure and honor to be with you right now!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele