Sunday, December 9, 2007


People seem to have their own perception of others in who they meet or deal with each day. That is their right to view that which they seem to only understand in their minds. We as humans find ourselves in the eye range of so many people each day. How does someone view another?

One of the assignments I give my students in their early part of learning is to stop at every mirror they see and say, “I love you” to their self. Have you ever tried? This seems to be the hardest thing anyone can do for his or her self. It truly only takes a moment of time in our daily lives. Does this mean one is conceited or has a high ego? No, it means they are recognizing that which is their own self to acknowledge in the simplest way.

In the year 1978 I was graduating from High School, I loved this time of life like anyone else around me. Families are always proud of their own children during this time, but I understand deep within the heart of another what actually goes on n ones own mind, maybe I was ahead of the game then, who knows. I do know, that as I look at my children and what they face in this society of judgment, that they are free from the boundaries that keep others tied. And I am thankful that they are here with me. I wrote this then and apply it to all of my students in their learning now as I share with you.

The Reality Behind the Mask ……………

All of life I am spirit being born into a shell and I wake up to find myself in this shell, and everyone must know it. For I know it quite well. Moreover, I had to learn to wear this shell, you call a body, it is foreign to me, and I do not recognize myself. I look into a mirror and do not like what I see, so I do not want to look any more, does everyone see the horrible shell that has been chosen for me? I learn to live with this shell here on Mother Earth, that is, what one must do, is it not? As my time goes by, I must look in the mirror to go about keeping this shell alive, clean, healthy and happy to be in it. Today I see this for what it is. I am Spirit, living in a human body,.

All my life I could not understand why I was different, I looked different and thought different from those around me, I was put down and made fun of. I did not realize this early in life, except for the fact – that, I saw things and did things that others did not. I was always told I was bad, and to stop embarrassing others by what I said and did. And in doing so, I learned growing up that I did not like who I was, I did not like looking at myself and seeing me. Because, I was not beautiful, as beautiful as I was free; the real me. Did others see the real me, the one that they see, is that why they did not like me, and if they did not like me, then I did not like myself.

But the real me – my spirit is beautiful, I was alive and floating free from the traps that kept them bound, what was wrong with them could they not see this? If they could not see this then, I was not going to see the beautiful me when I looked in the mirror, I would be gone. Until recently, I never did really look at myself in the mirror, oh, I brushed my teeth and did my hair. But I never took the time to actually look at myself in the mirror.

I was lost to my own spirit. And now I see.

Thank you GOD for me seeing the beautiful me.

Love, Laughter & Light,

Adele Marie