Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Thunder Maryland and You...

At this time in Maryland many are finding it very frustrating being stuck inside due to the weather that we have been experiencing. And as the time goes by you find yourself doing all those things that you have been putting on hold or waiting until a rainy day to do, in this case a snowy week. And as the weather clears you find that escape is the only way to your sanity...unfortunately when you get outside you find that not as much has been done to that which you are used to. To see this quantity of snow is like on overload on the human awareness, a resignation of understanding what needs to be done and just go and do it…

After many hours of shoveling yourself out and giving yourself much deserved praise for getting it all find that there is nowhere to go. You find that the system you have always depended on is a little overwhelmed themselves and have not caught up to your area yet…you go back inside and wait it out. What is it that you are doing during this time? Are you complaining about the lack of work you believe is not getting done by others, are you complaining that you are stuck inside? Or are you taking the time to enjoy being, are you finding that you now have the time to get things done? Are you also looking at the quality time that you have to connect with yourself or family and friends?

The past couple of days has taken the human soul on a passage of discovering many things about self. I have always said that when we are not walking our true path of light …spirit will take you off our feet until you understand and then begin again...this time with an understanding of what needs to be done and knowing you are worthy of doing it and who you are.

Maryland has been hidden from view for so long now. And this past year Maryland has been thrown through hoops… ups and downs. And it is time for Maryland to take a step back to look at things and then move forward in the right direction once again. To show how strong and dedicated Maryland is in the equation of the whole. Maryland has been a missing link for so long that she had to once again connect to the energies around her to move forward. And in doing so, we as Maryland residents need to step up and do the work too. This is a true reflection of your own self and your life right now.

Where have you disconnected or put things on hold while you have been moving along? Being one… but not of the whole? Many years ago I said that Maryland is the last state in the East Coast that does not have legalized gambling on a major level and that when the residents of Maryland voted for such legalization then everything begins.

Well, it has begun universally and still Maryland needed to be cleansed and needed to catch up to the times of the energy around her…this is the cleansing process Maryland is going through right now. Moreover, you can see this on all levels of growth that we have been growing through along with her. Look at all the state laws that have been played with and the individuals who have been playing with Maryland. Unfortunately time ran out and now it is time to move forward on many levels…Is Maryland ready for it? Hmmmm… In truth… I do not see this right now; there are still some inner struggles politically and at the heart of Maryland. But never say never as so many things can change to make the best happen. If everything goes into play the right way, then yes, come late this year Maryland can start standing back on her feet. But come June and July she has much to be accountable for. We just need to keep sending her as much love as we can and ask that she regains her balance once more. Maryland is being asked to house those within who are arriving each day with thousands of more to come. Maryland is being asked to join ranks with her neighboring states to accommodate so much. The infrastructures are evident every where you look and at the same time much is not displayed to the average eye. Do not worry it will become evident very soon if you have not already been seeing it.

So as your Maryland is going through all that she is…so too are you.

It is okay to be anxious and want to get out and just breath…but are you really anxious to get back to the same old thing? This is what it is showing you …that no matter what goes on, you will always be looking at the same ole thing until you decide to do something about it. Only you have the ability to do what which is calling deep inside of you to do. There is no one else to do it for you. You may be given guidance and direction… but it is all up to you.

Looking at your own journey right now and how all of this which is going on around you, all of this is reflected back to you, do you not see this? It is time to just relax... take a few deep breaths... and let go of all that pent up frustration inside of you from these past couple of days.

It is like looking through the window at all the beauty stretched out before you and at the same time not seeing it for what it is worth.

How many times have you worked really hard, studied, learned to only find that you seem to be back at the very beginning? Sometimes this can bring much frustration and at other times a deep depression so overwhelming, feeling like when will this ever end? Your journey is one that shall always be walked, always be there for you. It is in the steps you take to grow and develop, to recognize the beauty inside of you along the way.

So go ahead and clear it all up, cleans it and throw what is not needed out the door. Do not hold onto things that no longer work and above all else… really see the story in front of you. See what life is reflecting back to you to see your own journey you are walking and all that can keep you from your own true worth. For no matter how frustrated you may be, there is always an answer looking back at you, just get out of your own way to see the message that is there for you.

Maryland my Maryland is showing each of us what we need to look at in our personal lives to then be able to move forward. The energies are giving you clean and clear answers are you listening?

Don’t be a Crab… give credit to our Snow Crews and recognize that the workers are doing the best they can with what they have… yes, I know it is a struggle to know you have been cooped up for what seems like days…so too are the road crews cooped up in their trucks. I know it seems like days since you went out and you have followed all the rules of keep indoors and off the streets so they can get their work done, just to find that not much looks like its been truly done.

But I ask you …to look at the overwhelming amount of road systems we do have in Maryland.

The infrastructures are as packed as can be and at this time we are adding even more to accommodate the thousands of individuals the government has called forward to our area …so this is only the beginning of what is to come. So I give credit to our Snow Crews they deserve a Thank You even if it is not your street right now that has been plowed or even done…As I ask you how much have you gotten down???

Be gentle with everything in life right now and know you are not alone that is what is called a collective consciousness…

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Linsalata

All Rights reserved 2010© Adele Linsalata , Angelic Wise Ones