Thursday, January 31, 2008

Perception of Self

What a way to start the year, as we are moving right into the end of this month of January. Moreover, it will keep getting better and better as we go along.

In my advance development class, we are working on Channeling. In so, I ask each of these students each week to look at a few words that they need to work with in this arena of Spiritual work and their own deeper understanding of their true self.

I love to then hear their own relations to this homework assignment, what they bring to the table so to say. So, this is what I ask you, Perception is one of those words of vast differences and similarities also a word that can describe the deepest response from your own self.

Think about what Perception means to you, sit on it, sink your teeth into it and then find the outcome of this word. When you find it, write to me and share what you have with Perception in your own true self. In addition, I will assist and guide you to find that self within that can light your whole world in a different way for you to understand and grow as you move forward this year of The Self Soul & God!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele