Monday, January 28, 2008

Working in the Light of our Decisions

Keeping busy as a Lightworker is what we do, and we are now seeing the promise of our efforts taking place all around us. We have worked on sending the light to all others that we have met, we know and more that we do not know by face or name, but by the spirit that is within each of us. We have prayed, we have smiled, and we have sent healing to those in need. And now we are receiving that which we have asked to receive.

I am asked about the coming elections and everything that is taking place. I could yes, give you so many answers but these are not really the ones you seek. You see -you have that desire deep within you to have that which is there to begin with come to light.

I talked about what the Ascended Masters shared with you and me when it came to the Soul Star activation. That place within, which is connected to the God center in each of us. We are moving at such an accelerated speed of energy that we are seeking that God in us that connects us back to that which is where it all began. We are co-creators and we are finding our voice, we are finding our strength in the realization of who we are. Moreover, as wonderful as it feels there are those who still allow the fear from the conditionings to have a hold on them.

When you have a system that induces the fear to keep a hold of you and for you to then do the appropriate choice, what then is the truth or reality of that choice? With these elections the broadcasters are all ready forecasting what it is that will play out in our history right now.. People get so absorbed into all of it, they then follow the lead that is presented to them.

For the first time in humankinds history, we are faced with the decisions of our own inner God self of what is right and what is truth. That decision cannot come from one who does not see the whole picture of humanity and the contracts that are laid out before we were born to this human existence. Each moment of that which you view to be the truth from societies dictates, are taking you that much more away from the truth of your own God self. You do not need to watch what others are forecasting, you just need to go within to seek the truth to the answers that you are here to be apart of.

You see I do see what the future has for those of us here on Mother Earth. I see all of the probabilities of outcomes. What is written and what can be changed. We can change anything that we want to change within ourselves, within our life, within the love that we have for others and the love we have for self. And as always we need to understand that which we are asking and seeking to change, for each has their own probabilities of what the outcome shall be.

Ask yourself what is the truth of the candidates that will become that one individual who will have the world holding their breath to see the next move they make as a Nation who has always worked under God, as in their decree. What candidate will have the best interest just not for the world of politics but for the children of the World. The children of God are here among us each and every moment of the day. Do you recognize them? We live each day as a successor to those who were before us. You too are a child of God, you too had those before you choose that one individual who they believed in their hearts would do everything right to provide for you.

In this election year, we have for the first time an equality of choices that is brought to the table before us. Each candidate has that which they offer to the best of their ability that they can give to us - the children of God. No one is better than the other is. Remember these candidates have their own contracts to fulfill in this lifetime.

We all have our own contracts, the learning lessons we are each here to do and get through. So remember, we have chosen these individuals as leaders in what we choose to go on - in the growth and development of humankind at the different times of history of this great planet Mother Earth and our own evolution.

In my book The Visionary Messenger I start off by saying “ Do you understand the word on the streets right now is Spiritual Evolution? Nine out of ten people you know are having a spiritual awakening, yet, most do not even realize it.”

As a country a nation we are having our own spiritual evolution play out right before our eyes, can you not see and feel it? You are so deep within it you are lulled by the dream of another era gone by.

A dream is that which the sub-conscious is trying to play out in the dream state, which the human mind does not want to see in the first place – the conscious.

We cannot live on dreams, as many believe. For then we would be known as a dreamer. But we can live on dreams that inspire and continue to create our beliefs which then we create into reality to when we live on our decisions to be the best individual we can be and do the best we can do wherever we are. We live on the truth that all shall be equal in the eyes of God and all is equal in God’s eyes. We live on each decision we make each day- good, bad or indifferent. We live on the promise of what another human says that they can give to us as a Nation. So what do we then live on? We live on each decision we make for the child that is in all of us. We live on the promise of being understood, provided for and Loved.

What does Love have to do with the elections of candidates that promise to create an America for us to be proud of, to be safe to live in, to be able to grow as a free individual, to have our children grow to the richness of what our Country stands for?

Well it has everything to do with it. From the time we have be born in this world, we are all seeking love, we seek it in our parents, families, friends, co-workers and yes, political candidates who promise us the world if we elect them. We then fall in love with them for giving us the words we seek to hear deep in our hearts. It is when they cannot keep the promise they have given so freely that we see, they too are just as we are. They too, are living a human existence and seeking the Love from each of us to make them whole. They too are seeking God’s Love and do not realize it.

I realize that I am here in God’s Love, I AM God’s Love and that which I seek from the moment I am born into this world is that which is to be in God’s Love once more.

I AM here as an messenger of God and God’s Love. I AM here as one who ask little in return but that you give yourself permission to be Loved by God and to Love your own self as God loves you.

Join me as I Love you as you are God’s Love and together we will Love each of God’s children even more.

My prayer is that you will seek and look deep in your heart for the candidate that will accomplish a promise of the Nation as a whole, to then connect to the world with no divisions. We cannot choose which God other individuals praise, we can honor them in their own quest for that which calls to them, and to know we all seek God’s Love, we all one day will work as One in God’s eyes. It is the approach we take in listening to God and the words God give to just not one sector of the world but to all of the Children of God. That word is unified to everyone, no one is better than another, no one religion, no one nation, no one man is more than the other in God’s eyes.

May you be Blessed to know the next United States President will be one who has the hardest job of all, one that I would not want to be. For they will not end the war as they say, they will not secure borders, they will not be allowed to do the work they are here to do, for no matter what they say, they will need to fulfill the contract they came here to fulfill – good, bad or indifferent -. This next president will be laying the foundation for the one who will step into place in the year 2012.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele