Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Visionary Messenger Holiday Gift to Yourself and Others

Blessings this day to Everyone,

We just started my book launch for The Visionary Messenger- True Stories and Teachings Through the Eyes of a Visionary.

I am back working as my family and I have just expereinced two transitions this past Holiday of family & friends. I want to thank everyone who wrote during this time to send their condolences, I love you and missed you also.

And what a way to bring a smile once again to everyones face as to have this book launch. As many of you know from reading my book is what an easy read it is, gently embracing you and pulling you in and what an experience you find within yourself as you read it. I give you straight honesty in all this work that we do to the loving gentleness that you feel within your soul. When writing this book I wanted the reader to be able to re-connect back into their lives to that time when they too had expereinces with spirit but may have gently miss placed it. I wanted the reader to know the truth on so many levels about what this is all about and how one can easliy re-connect back to their ownself and start working once again with the gifts in which each of us has. And at the same time to know the complete connection you have with your own God self in all ways. Giving you exercises and prayers that had been channeled to me from Archangel Michael that are so powerful one cannot help as to be in awe of the magnitude of Michaels energy.

Please join us and take a look at what we are offering in this boook launch, we have thirty sponsors offering special gifts just for you, whether they are MP3 doanloads or E-books they have a wealth of information and introduces you to others of like mind.

The information that you find as you read the pages of this book is priceless. Join us to make a difference in your life and in the life of your loved ones and friends, just click to learn more...

As your gift for your purchase of this heavenly sent book, you will also be included in three extraordinary prize drawings consisting of:

Prize #1: Two people will receive - Personal Private Reading with Adele

Prize #2: Ten people will receive - Set of three guided meditation CDs

Prize #3: One person will receive - a signed copy of The Visionary Messenger, the Guided Journal with The Visionary Messenger, all five of Adele's guided meditation CD's AND a reading with Adele!

PLUS you will receive an abundance of bonus gifts from our sponsors who are just as excited as we are in joining with us to bring a wealth of abundance to you this holiday season! Meet our sponsors just by clicking here:

With this invitation Adele is gifting each individual who purchases her book The Visionary Messenger - with a free MP3 download of her #1 selling guided meditation - Peace on Earth from her Walking with the Blessed Mother CD.

Visit us now at to meet the Angelic Choir of Angels!

Love, Light and Laughter,Adele Linsalata