Saturday, September 6, 2008

Energy Blowing our way

What a time we are all having right now. This energy blowing in like the energy of the storms that we are receiving here on the east coast of the States. This is just a beginning of what is to come. I talk all the time about the energies and how they are here and they are not going away of anything they are getting stronger and stronger, so many individuals wanting to check out of this life that we are living. So many individuals having a hard time understanding what is going on with them in their life.

Well it is this energy, I had previously said that last November and December was the Soul Star Activation and that activation is still with us. It is like getting an energy attunement. It stays with you permanently. This Soul Star Activation was for all of us to be in alignment with our God self. That part of us that is the God self is nothing to sneeze at.

It makes us feel things that we have never felt before, it is making us make the choice between the God that we know and the God that we are. It is either tearing your life apart in the way of relationships or it is cementing these same relationships together in a major way. I feel for all those who are going through this in the most drastic of ways as they are hit by their loved ones leaving them for another person, for their own dreams, for their own survival. And all of it is okay. I know this is hard to understand but is that relationship really what you want it to be? Did you know deep in your heart that the relationship was not working any more? What is it that made your loved one leave?

Because when it comes down to it, it is all about the authentic self, being in total alignment with God on a spiritual level in where your life is supposed to be. So if you look at it this way, this Soul Star activation is getting you on your right path in this lifetime. It is now or never. So many individuals are fighting the process and having a hard with everything. I guess you can look at the old saying If you set it free and it was meant to be then it shall return to you.

And then to know this is a whole new beginning for you to start fresh in what you truly want. To be free to express yourself with no one telling you what to do or how to be. In everything it is also about you being comfortable with whom you are. Do you truly love yourself right now? And if not why not? We all need to be able to love ourselves in order to then be able to live our lives and love those around us. Think about that when you are sitting around and feeling blue.

This energy that everyone is feeling is only going to become more stronger as the time goes along. Take the moment in time to be comfortable with yourself . Acknowledge those around you and do not carry their stuff and make it your own, if you do you will get swallowed up in deeper feelings of depression. Know that this energy will want this on every level. When we can love ourselves there is no energy that can take us deeper than what we allow it to be.

I leave you Love, laughter & Light, Adele