Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spirit Speaks Galleries

Spirit Speaks© Gallery Nights

Thank you to all those lovely souls who joined us for a Sold Out Spirit Speaks Gallery Night, this past month was our very first Gallery and we all had the most amazing time as this night was set just right for the communications with Spirit.

Speak Galleries Nights are a wonderful way for you and your family, or group of friends to all get together to share in this unique experience of receiving messages from your loved ones in spirit, friends, guides, teachers, animal friends and many more in this Live Platform Mediumship delivery to you . Join Adele, Sherlynn and Sherry as they open the energies for those in the Spiritual realms to come in to offer you guidance, messages, comfort, closure, encouragement and much more.

If you would like to be apart of the Spirit Speaks Gallery Night this coming month of September, order your tickets now as we only have a few seats left. Order your tickets or Any questions please e-mail