Thursday, June 26, 2008

George Carlin and the days of Laughter

Yes, my laughter of yesterday has transitioned the one and only George Carlin. Sitting around the stereo and listening to someone break down the conditionings of minds in society with a few simply words and expressions that stood out so well, because George stood his ground and spoke his truths. Yes, his truths as he sees them and then he went really out there to bring them to the public ear to listen to his versions of the truth in the world as no one else could see but George.

He gave us laughter until we cried; he gave us the moments in our own lives for us to see the senseless sanity of being so serious that we forget why we are here. George gave us everything about him that he could to bring clarity to the eyes and ears of so many in his lifetime. There will be those who do not care for George and there will be those who appreciated and loved him like I do. For in him I saw a man who really just wanted the world to take the time to listen. To listen to the insanity of being in Truth.

I wanted to share this piece with you, an interview with George Carlin on Obituaries and where he wanted to be at the age of 90.

Love, laughter & Light, Adele