Monday, June 2, 2008

Truth and Free

Hello to everyone, I have been working very long hours recently so my time away has been one of great joy and comfort and the same time one of missing that which I can bring to you.

My schedule has been very full meeting and connecting with so many in the readings I have been doing for the past couple of weeks and my wonderful trip to the Eastern Shore. I had the chance to meet some very wonderful people when I went to the Eastern Shore and I want to thank all of those who visited me for readings and at the Platform Gallery. I enjoyed every minute of my time spent there; also I send my Love and many Thanks to John and Terry for hosting me for this trip. When I am asked to visit an area I am always filled with gratitude to the host/hostesses, it is a honor to meet and get to know all of the lovely individuals who take their own time to arrange and set things up for me, so that they may be the vehicle to bring so many individuals together for that which they need. A true love of others is what this is all about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love to travel to meet others and this is one of the greatest of ways to do so. So many of us are all the same and as one as we come together.

And as we look at this blending of togetherness we take a moment of time to see the truth before us. My job as a messenger is to do just that deliver the truth. Sometimes this is not what we want to see or feel we need, but in the end it all comes together in Love for the answer is always there we just need another who does not know us to bring the truth right to us to look and see that it is nothing more than that which we asked for but were too afraid to do so.

My schedule is still rolling along with even more work to do like many of you. What is it that is there just waiting for you to see? Is it the beauty of who you are? Is it the strength that you need to carry you further along? Or is it just that one person who will tell you that which you need to hear to make you breathe a little easier again?

For me it is to see the face and eyes of one searching for the truth when no one else seems to understand. It is the smile upon your face that lets me know that you get it and that deep sigh of relief to know you are not alone.

And the truth shall set you free. What amazing words. Truth and Free. Two things that we have an abundance of and do not use it together. Tell the truth and you are set free, See the truth and you are set free. Know the truth and you are set free. When we know the truth of who we are, we are set free to be all that we are here to be.

What is it that you are here to be? Me ??? I AM here to be the light that shines at your door, I AM here to be that which will set you free. Will you allow that which is needed to set you free? Will you allow the knowing deep within your heart to be the truth that shall set you free???

My Love, Laughter and Light to you, Adele