Monday, May 19, 2008 is here !!!

Light Talkers Radio Network!!!

We would like to introduce you to our newest energetic vibration Website: Light Talkers Radio Network.A place of a higher vibration of energy working with Angelic Teachers of Light to bring to you the very best of guided meditations, talk shows, classes, beautiful listening music to soothe your soul, heart, mind and much more.

I was awakened early in the morning last November by my guides who told me that I was to create a place that Light Workers can come together to deliver ourMessages to those who are seeking a higher learning, seeking what is calling to them and who are spiritually awakening now Across the Miles. My Counsel of guides told me they would be with me to see and guide me through everything from start to finish. I was amazed at how precise my guides were with everything. From the formatting of this Network to the options that have been made available to us.As I sat down to write what was being channeled to me by my Counsel, those next weeks flew by – on Angelic Wings - and have been a true blessing from the very beginning. As a good friend of mine recently said to me "you know you have been Divinely guided as all of this has come together so beautifully" An abundance of energy that just spilled forth and keeps coming, is so wonderful, I truly feel blessed and I am very grateful for all of it.

I have also been blessed by having Randy - whom is my Business Manager and the Producer for and Kate whom is our Angelic Webmaster, working with me on this to create a wonderful website of flowing energy for everyone to come to.

Here you will find in one location the voices of Angelic Teachers of Light as they bring to you the best in guided meditations, informative talk shows, teachings, classes, and round table discussions. As many of you know, I am all about sharing and bringing all of us together in a true community of light and spirituality. We are at a time when it is very imperative to learn, grow and be who we are and to fill that which is calling to us on all levels as we bring all of the Children of One together on a higher level of learning. The true beauty of this is a Radio Network open to all Light Workers who have wanted to be their own Radio Show Host / Co-Host or a guest speaker on your favorite Radio Show.

Yes, we have created a Radio Show Network where you as Lightworkers can become your own Radio Show Host and / or Radio Show Co-Host along with the opportunity to become a guest speaker on one of your favorite Radio Shows. I am so very excited as I present this to you.

Randy myCo-chief here has been doing amazing work putting everything together, checking all the lines and listening to me when I give him a suggestion from my guides. He is right in line with me during all of this and you will come to admire him as much as I do.It is so easy to do all of this, as we have created everything you need to get started as soon as you wish. So, check out our site, give us your feedback and let us know when you are ready to start Hosting your own Radio Talk Show by filling out one of our easy forms.

As we are just going live this week, we will be adding a lovely group of Light Talkers to our schedule within the next month, but right now please join us and listen to the sounds that will soothe your soul and enlighten your senses and mind as you will be swept away with this amazing Network of excellence.

I will be personally doing my own shows of --Monday Morning Meditations, Ancient Angelic Impressions and The Metaphysical View Talk Show. All shows will be scheduled with you Across the Miles in mind, so that we all come together as we grow in raising our vibrations of illumination.Be looking for our Gentle Reminder in a few days as we go live-on-air to you at Light Talkers Radio Network.


Love, Laughter & Light, Adele