Monday, May 19, 2008

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin- Ru

"Greetings to you the Children of Light, I am here with you, as we need to make you aware of a growing concern for many of us. That which is one being given to you that can be hidden in many ways.

I bring you much love and peace as we see the uneasiness on your planet right now and we say to you, be still in the voice of your creator for your creator is with you in so many ways. Can you not see that this is what we have been working on together? When we talked before about the conditions of your Mother Earth in all of her infancy we also expressed to you that this in which your Mother Earth is going through is the same as you in itself. Please know that in all you do to yourself you do to your Mother Earth. Be prepared as she will keep expelling that which is not good for her. She will keep expelling that which was given to her with your human thoughts and energy but that which was not needed. She expels as you do, all things that are not in truthfulness with her.

Each day that you walk your journey, you will be experiencing that which then takes a place within your incomplete body to hold onto that, which brings you temporary pleasure. But then again it is the human emotions that holds onto this limitation to then make it apart of the human DNA. We have educated you before in saying that this is not in the human DNA to hold onto anymore than it is for your Mother Earth to hold on to the extended limitations in which humans impose on it. Do you understand this? In so doing we watch and see how you extract from yourselves the limitations of humans who impose on you that which does not makes sense on a cellular level, but which you have been fed for so long you embrace it as truth.

You are the same as we, you are the Children of One can you not feel it? In addition, as the Ones who are to be here to see and do all, that it is to experience and then transform and do away with that which is not there to begin with. You have much more to do. Moreover, it no longer serves that which is in you to stand by and allow the darkness to work as it is working right now. When will you honor that which is in you? Will you honor it in the truthfulness of your earth existence, will you see what it is that is inside of you to accept and then fulfill? For you are the Creator in all you do, you have as much as any to be part of all that you create. Which altar do you honor? For you will be shown many things, which will you see? Will you see that darkness that is calling to you in such falseness or will you see the light as it is truly meant to be?

Many things are going on with all of humankind and you need to understand it on a level of learning and decision-making. Yes, you do have choices as a decision maker in the world. You have just as much choice with your learning. Do not let others take that from you to say you have no choice. Yes, there are those who make decisions for you each day without your knowing. They work behind the scenes of human evolutionary enfoldment. They disguise the words they speak to you. They give it to you with such falseness that you do not recognize the falseness as it is presented to you. For that falseness is shrouded in the light of darkness. For each of you no matter where you are has only that which is in front of you. I think it is intriguing to know that you are starting to recognize a bigger picture unfolding in your human earth history.

You see the darkness of light has been traveling to you, those who thrive in the darkness have been behind the scenes and they know it is now imperative to make the stand and come to you with open arms. That the feelings that you have will be so weakened that you will just fall into it with no problems or question being asked. I say to you, are you weak now when the time has come to be strong in who you are? You have decisions to make just as those humans who are gathering at key points on your Mother Earth have made their decisions to be where they are when devastation comes. They are being called to serve a higher purpose than that which you can see. As there are millions all over your Mother Earth whom are feeling and not understanding that which they did or did not do for this to happen. We feel their anguish but know they too have had a hand and choice in this eruption of devastation. We honor them as we embrace their loved ones as we have prepared for their departure from your Mother Earth for a long time now. We hold them and they are well. Do not weep for them for they sit with the Creator of All and they are whole and happy.

Use that which has been taught to you to embrace those who cry out in their anguish, those who are seeking the direction in which to go. For this is in you , this is what you have been asking for and have chosen to be a part of. Ask and we shall assist all who seek the truth of their own enlightenment. We are here- we are everywhere with you, do you hear the calling to you? Do you feel yourself being pulled in a direction that you cannot understand? When that time comes are you there to then honor those before you who have given so much or are you weakened by that which you cannot see any longer? Have you gotten so comfortable in that which you are doing that you do not feel or see the difference as it comes to you? If you are true to that which you say you are and speak, live and eat your truths then there is not one thing missing that anything else can fill. You ask and it is given, you are now being asked to give that which is deep within you and where do you stand?

If you are approached right now by one who says that they have the light within their hands and all you have to do is open that hand to receive it what would you so choose? The teacher would then ask 'what light so you have that is so different than mine? For mine is the light into which all humankind shall live on to the next that which is there for me and others to live by. What light do you have that is only contained on one hand when mine is not contained but given to all that ask.

'There will be those who are being approached by the darkness and it is disguised as the light, do not forget that even the darkness was once light and it knows how to work with it. It just cannot be the light any longer for that which it has done to, and with it cannot exist any longer. Do you understand? There are those of darkness that need that light right now to survive and succeed and those to which seek it, are seeking the lightest of lights that have not given it over to them. The darkness seeks from each of you that which it cannot have to become whole.

This darkness has disguised itself as planetary beings of light; it has disguised itself as authority of all things Spiritual. It has disguised itself as those things that have always been familiar and comfortable to you for so long and it pulls at the weakness that it feels and sees within you. As we once said, the exchange of light and darkness has begun Children of One honor the altar that is within you and be the Light that shines so that no darkness can be where it has truly never been.

My peace and love is freely given to you to see that which is in full view, as you are needed to be very aware of all of this now in your human life. You have been given that which to prepare, you have been given so much that you seek and ask for. You are the decision maker in all you do. You are at a time in your earth human life when all of your thoughts are becoming easier to see and come to fruition. We are so honored to be with you in all you do. Go to that altar within and seek the knowledge that is there, the truths that can only be given to you in guidance for the truths that you seek are hidden no longer, even from ones own self.

I leave you that which is there for you to honor in your decisions to be the altar that is within you. For when you recognize this altar, you are where you need to be in all things”.

I AM -Lord Amin-Ru

Channeled Message from Ascended Master Lord Amin- RuBy Adele Linsalata