Monday, December 21, 2009

The Visionary’s Quest Tour 2010

These times that we live…these times that we are experiencing have brought the spiritual communites closer in many ways that is very exciting to see. The Universe has been keeping me busy guiding me in the work that I do to share with all of you to bring more of us together in the light.

Yes…it is finally here…..As many of you know starting in January 2010, I will be touring the East Coast of the United States on my The Visionary’s Quest Tour 2010. Offering Workshops and Gallery Message Events…So here is your chance to ask your questions and experience all that I do first hand just with you. Be apart of my workshops that you have been asking for and sit in on a Gallery to receive messages from your loved Ones, Guide and Angels in the Spiritual Realms.

In all of my travels over the years… I have now been guided to connect with other Mediums and Psychics across the miles, hence The Visionary’s Quest Tour 2010…this is a great time to share the work we do, sharing insights and what makes our message so important now more than ever for those seeking answers.

With Cameras in hand for this awesome Show.....I will be filming in every location and with the all individuals I look forward to meeting. Here are a few of my tour stops…

New York
New Jersey
Norfolk / Virginia Beach
North Carolina
South Carolina

If you know
a Psychic or Medium that you think I should meet along my way...or would peak my interest…please let me know as I will visit with each one personally and share back with you in my travels…

If you live in an area that you would like to see me offer a Workshop or Gallery Messages, e-mail us today and we will get that added on to our schedule.

****** Understanding Your Soul Contracts
****** The Christ Energy 21012 Messages and Beyond
****** Angel Energetic Energy Workshop
****** Accepting your Spirit Guides, Physical Guides and Angels

If you have a message that needs to be heard and would like to be interviewed by me to share that with everyone, give me a call or e-mail as we just may be at an area near you…. I am doing spiritual group gatherings of questions and answers this year, so put a group together and I will be there to join you delivering the answers that you seek.

This is an awesome year we are stepping into so make the most of it along the way…Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you in all I do.

Make sure to check out my personal website at Adele Linsalata for more information in the next couple of weeks for my Tour dates and schedule. If you have an area that you do not see listed on the schedule… e-mail us today and we will make that connection.

See you on the road as we all meet Across the Miles…..

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele

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