Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adele Linsalata Monthly Message

Hello and welcome to everyone this beautiful timein life

What times we are having and I love the energy right now. So much to do and get busy with so lets get started…

Moving into this energy right now is all about happiness, love, creation and passion…and at the same time it can leave you feeling empty on many levels. All of this is okay, you are not alone, you are being emptied…. rejoice as this is all for new beginnings. I mentioned months ago to you, that as light workers the energy is digging down deep within to bring the last residuals to the surface to be exposed and for us to look at them. Well, welcome to that energy even more…

So where is the happiness as all of this emptying is going on? Well It is right there for you , yes…right in front of you. Look at what you are doing right now. Are you not where you want to be? Are you not doing what you want to do? Yes… you are, this is what you have chosen to be doing and to some what you are comfortable with, so why change it?

Can I tell you why? Because most of the things you are doing, that you are comfortable with is not making you happy. Okay, okay yes, many are happy… this is true. But deep down you know there is that “mini me” voice that is asking for so much more. Let’s get back to happiness, this energy is uplifting and supportive in everything you do and who you are. So when you set about your day… be happy, be truly happy. As this energy is also allowing you to create the passion deep inside of you. Yes, to create the passion of what you love. How does this look? Thank you for asking…Write down at least six things you love, got it? Now choose just one and write down what you can create that will bring this love into a passion. When applying this to what you love you will always have and know your passion. Yes, even if it is loving chocolate you can create passion with it.

Once you have this creation of passion it will bring love to your heart and those around you, there is no way to deny it any longer. This energy supports you in this as we move into the coming year. As time has gone by years ago… I wrote right here in this newsletter how we will be moving back to a time of creation where the passions that are deep inside will be that which comes out to be exposed to give to others. As we have always been a product of manufacturing we allowed ourselves to be complacent in accepting that fact that life is good and rich and we can sit back. As this happened we allowed ourselves to be too relaxed and the creation was tucked away. Now we are being asked to step back up to create. As large corporations are failing the system of what has always been, it is for the individual to take their passion and walk right into offering that to others. There is going to be a strong influx of individual’s creations that will offer their own worth to others. And that is what we are seeing today.

More and more of what we knew about energy is coming forward and being offered in a way that has not been before. This is not just in healing energies but new earth energies, the big guys are trying to place their hands in what the little guy has been working on and manufacturing for a very long time. As a supporter of the green movement and organics, I am thrilled that so many opportunities have been opening up around the world. I can now find items like never before even though I still make my own. Even my CD’s and whatever I am creating is always with green thoughts in mind, this was the best to finally find as I now can honor Mother Earth and my children in a whole new way. Going back in time to grab memories and then create them is a passion of love. What we had growing up is starting to not be a thing of the past… but a resurgence of renewal and the energy is amazing.

When working with spirit it is becoming easier and easier, hello… I am thrilled this energy is supporting us all in this direction and giving little pushes to everyone to get moving. Spirit is like a long lost best friend, once re-discovered there is no end. Meeting your guides and working with them can take you to all new levels in life, and how bad can that be? Not at all… as the guides are moving time right now just to be with you. Classes are full with individuals knowing that there is something more going on and how true they are to recognize this to move forward. So welcome and your guides welcome you too.

My new website is up and going, still doing some tweaking so stop by and visit and sign up to see where we will be traveling this year with cameras in hand…
I am traveling the East Coast the beginning of the year doing a whole host of things and looking to connect with all of you, I will also be posting free workshops that I will be offering along the way, so get ready this will be fun.

I love children and I have a created a passion with this love and as light workers I am asking you to join me to place your journey where your mouth is… no matter where you live or what you do. Join me in being an Angels Across the miles… you will find details below.

Go and create the love within you to give that passion to others. May your journey be one of Love Laughter & Light and may you find happiness in all you do!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele