Monday, May 4, 2009

Adele's Welcome Message

Hello and Welcome.

Well if you feel as if you have been hit hard for the month of April you are definitely not alone. April brought exactly the kind of energy we have been talking about as the truth has been exposed all the way around. Stepping into ones own truth and integrity can be pretty daunting if you have not been able to fully succeed here before. As many have written it is like getting hit by a Mack truck and the pain that is left behind is quite strong and hurtful.

Being exposed to all of this can leave you drained in many directions. Stepping up to the plate so to say is one that every individual knows they must do but can bring anxiety all the way around in someone if you have not been prepared for this energy that is with us. The planetary alignment is coming in strong and will not be shifting anytime soon with what is already known to be one of brining in the alliance of truth, honor and integrity. I have to place honor here as it is one that we hold dear to out hearts. It is an honor when we connect with so many light workers around the world. It is an honor to know we have that much love within to give out to all we meet. It is an honor to know that there are so many individuals who are aligning themselves with their own truth. Seeking and allowing that still small voice inside to come out and be all that it can be. I have so much respect to all those who are stepping up to bat and saying they are in this to win this and they will not back done from anything that is thrown their way. To you I say, we are not alone and we are one with each other. You have a friend in everyone around you it is finding that alignment with them to move forward in who you are, for there is no one that is immune to this energy.

Now it will be the individual's own choice in the direction they seek to go as we come up this year and speak our truth as light workers as peacemakers. and as this grows stepping out in our integrity on what we will accept into our lives and that which we do not accept and knowing it is okay to not accept some of the previous limitations that we have placed around us. That we willing chose before this time. It is like finally being able to take that large trench coat off and breathe for the very first time. It is like when we have someone in our lives that we knew was not the best to be around but we chose to stay there anyway. Finally being able to speak the truth and even though there may be some falling out, to know we can breath and start to finally live our life with a smile on our face and not to be afraid any longer.

All of this I liken to having that job that felt like a heavy load upon you shoulders, feeling as if you had no where else to go and you did not belong. And all of a sudden you found the light at the end of the tunnel. You could stand up and say I am not happy here and this is why and having your boss say it is about time you spoke up to tell me what is going on. Being given the chance to stand up for your self, be who you are or always wanted to be, and then allowing something better to come along allowing yourself to finally enjoy everything around you for the very first time. Truth and integrity.

When we do not close the doors around us that are limiting us in many ways there is no way new doors can open up. This energy is placing new opportunities all around us every second, it is up to the individual to finally release the old way which closes the door to it, for the Universe to say Thank You and guide you to the new door right in front of your nose. My, what a difference a day makes, well what a difference a few words spoken in truth makes.

It is like when I have a client who makes an appointment with me for a private session. I explain all of my rules before I start. Letting them know that I am the messenger between them and those who are in spirit. If there is something that is being given to me and I am then giving it to them, please understand that if they are not accepting of this message then the energy stays with me. I have to stay there with that energy until the individual recognizes or accepts what is being given. When they acknowledge what there is, the energy lifts off and it is a like a breath of fresh air and so much more just starts pouring through. If they do not accept the message it is like a huge weight that just stays there, sitting right ion top of me and will not leave until I can assist the individual in understanding what all of this is. Sometimes I will move on to something else for a few moments, but always it stays with me until they acknowledge it. Once acknowledgment is there everything opens up and does not stop flowing until everything is delivered for that individual.

So too this is the same way with the energy around you and the doors that are there in front of you, it is up to you to acknowledge and close the old doors or energy for the new doors may open giving to you all that is there for you. So keep an open heart these next months ahead of you. Step into your truth and integrity of which you are with no harm to another, and allow the universe to support you in all you do.

Now remember I did not say this would be easy all the time. Just as with the individual who schedules a session with me, they are asking to receive the truth of what is before them. Sometimes someone just does not know want to know what the truth is and sometimes the truth is so strong they do not want to acknowledge it or do not know how to acknowledge it. This is something to keep in mind, are you ready to receive the truth, to be the truth or have you hid away so long from the truth you are afraid to see or hear it? If you have this is the best possible time to be in your truth as this energy supports you completely in so many ways. Have you noticed how when you are not in truth you whole world is one struggle after the other and everything seems so hard? I often ask individuals "why are you fighting this so strongly? What is it that makes you not want to acknowledge the answers right in front of you or don't you want to be happy in this life?"

As we move into May be ready for Mercury Retrograde that will be with us starting this week and last until the end of the month. This is the perfect time to tackle all of those things that you have been putting off or did not finish doing. Sounds like a great time to journal to me! After the past two months this Retrograde will seem rather mild to me, but to many around the world this will be the catalyst to set things over the edge. Be careful as this energy with Mercury retrograde can push individuals harder than before, so when someone wants to be rude to you, just smile and keep going. Thank your guides and angels when they individual who cut you off, did just that and did not involve you in an accident, once again bless the individual and send them on their way. When someone wants to suck your energy dry, talk your head off as they complain about everything, just ask your guides and angels to give you the peaceful music to fill your ears and send loving heart energy to the individual. This keeps you out of this energy and up above in the loving light of the Universe.

No harm to none and no harm to you, blessings the whole day through!

So much is going on take the time to read all the wonderful articles I have, Angels Across The Miles is always a place that connects us with loving hearts all around the world.

I am just releasing another CD " Knowing Thy Self" this has two beautiful guided meditations getting to know your own self, your body, your healing and the energies of those around you, whether in spirit or in the physical. Meeting Archangel Raphael in your crystal healing room. This is a joy to work with and one that is close to my own heart as we will all need to step closer in Knowing Thy Self as time goes on this year and the years to come. I will be adding a second addition to this CD later this year.

Recently I took a small sabbatical to work on my newest book to be released this year, actually I am working on two and I am enjoying every part of it. Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru assisted me in the direction of one book which will have his Channelings and future assistance to all of us during the times ahead. I am so thrilled and excited with this that I thank you for your patience as I did not send any Newsletters out last month, I thank you for your e-mails and yes, I am working on new workshops also different area events that are soon to be coming up.

So stayed tuned or as my Counsel just started telling me "Channeled in"!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele