Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Energetic Ascension of Light Workers

Adele Linsalata

Here we are rolling into that time of year that gives us pause to reflect how our life has made a change and how we made a change in our lives. As light workers we have had many energetic and emotional changes going on all around us, we have watched as the World struggles with this Enlightment period. Our hearts go out to every living being, to feel their pain and to then send what we are being called to send out to them all.

And as illuminated souls we have seen the joyous outreach all around us from individuals that go beyond what they are being called to do to assist one another. The light that is shined to our fellow human beings is tremendous, so much so that those who would like to keep the darkness around are scrambling to see what is going on and why. We have shined our light out to so many that pull at our hearts, we hear the cries of help and we are there with big smiles and loving hearts. Because we are One and we know that in order to be that which Mother Earth needs, we need to be open to receive. To allow the vibrational levels of energetic ascension, we must as light workers make our stand even more so now than before. And we are doing it!

This next phase of this year is a completion and acceptance into acknowledging we are light workers. We are all being called to send that light out to so many that sometimes it can be overwhelming. The reason it seems this way is because there are more awakening now than ever. The rise of vibrational energy is making it so no one can be left behind into this energetic ascension process. Individuals are feeling things they have never felt before and they are confused, hurt and empty.

So I ask as light workers what is it that needs to be done? What is it on your own level of awareness that you know that pulls at your heart? So many say they are light workers, and so many do not know what to do. You are not alone in this. As light workers what is it that you are to do? Is this physical world so much more than you think you can handle, that it is easy to just lay back and take it easy? Is this physical world so much so that as we are in these times of human evolution is it easier to just be part of the flow of energetics of looking at what others are doing and thinking, that it is enough? Or one that finally finds that place within your heart to say it is all happening now and I am part of this and here is what I am going to do.

So many individuals talk about healing Mother Earth, and this is great. But what a lot do not understand is that Mother Earth can heal herself, we just need to get out of the way. Yes, this is what I said. As we get out of the way, we can see that Mother Earth is telling us she needs healing, yes, she does, but, not in the way that everyone still feels. She has had many years to be thankful and grateful to the core of energy that she has been given from everyone.

And to all healers, you know that for every healing that is given for all the energy that one shares with another in that healing, comes the time of releasement with every healing there needs to be release to allow the individual to let go of all of the unhealthiness they have been holding onto. This too then applies to Mother Earth, this too is what Mother Earth has been going through and she needs our assistance to clean up that releasement in a major way. We have been living through all of her releasing; we have seen what her releasing can do to so many on major levels. She needs us to heal and assist the outer layer of who she is. Mother Earth has been releasing and as she is releasing many are still sending her healing to assist with this releasing but now is the time she is asking us to assist in the healing of her outer layers.

As a collective consciousness we have that energetic influence to heal whatever we place our trust in, we have all experienced this, many times in all of our lifetimes, it is why we have this urge inside of our souls to complete this here in this lifetime. To know we are healers, how great is that? Can you imagine what it would be like as a collective consciousness to place our trust within ourselves and how much power we would actually find in our own true self? Because that is exactly what you would find. And enormous amount of energetic power which is then you. And when you discover this about yourself you will discover the divine presence of the powerful source that lies within you which is then that of God.

We have all prayed to God when we need that extra amount of energy to get us through anything and everything. And we have asked God for that mighty high power to assist us in all that we ask to help the world and all living beings. And we still do not see where we too, are all powerful and meaningful in who we are. As we are all meaningful and powerful we can do anything we are here to do. Mother Earth is asking, she is calling out to us - to assist in this great shift of healing she is going through. She is healing from the inside out and she is asking for our assistance to accept that and heal the outer layers of whom she is.

How do we do this? We do this by cleaning up the disaster of what we have created. We do this by truly being that light that we say we are. Truly being the light we say we are, yes, I repeated this, so many say they are the light, but when things get to a level of total need, there is self denial, which causes one to sit back and let others do the work. I have seen light workers come up with so many things to prevent them from moving forward, how hard the World is, how it is too hard to do this work alone, being tired and needing a break, what is it you need a break from? Do you need a break from yourself or life or being a light worker? Do you need a break from doing the work that you are here to do? Because if this is it, then so too must Mother Earth be tired and needs a break, for if she decided to take a break what then would we do?

What is it to truly be a light worker? So many add falseness to this, so many will stand and say they are light workers and then lay blame on another, so many discount what has been given to them on so many levels, because is it then, not getting what you want? All of this is thinking in the limitless of who you are. This is not personally about you, this is about the humanness we place on this world and about the spiritual-ness that we say we are.

Love one another; Offer that helping hand that we are so mighty in using for healing, think about what our hands can truly do if we allow it. Think about what we can do as a collective consciousness if we allow ourselves to know we are absolute in who we are. Be the Light as you do your work. Let that light shine as you move forward in your light. Be the authentic self of genuine love that everyone has to give to one another. Offer to do kindness to clean up Mother Earth. Offer to assist another in what you see as something that can increasingly move humanity to respect Mother Earth. Offer to accept there is a total of wholeness that as we come together in our light it can be done. Truly respect one another, for the weaknesses and for the strength of all those you know and meet.

It is not in how you do what you do that matters, it is why you do it!

Do you know why you are a light worker; do you know what it is to be a true light worker? Be the light that shines to one another and it will make your heart smile.

Go within your heart to that place that will show you what it is to be that light that connects to one another. Go within your heart to see the glory of who you are, getting in touch with the oneness of God and of self and there you will find all the answers that you are seeking. There you shall find that path that leads you to know who you are as a light worker and what needs to be done as a whole for humanity. There you shall find peace and love and then you know you are home, and when you are home you are light!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele