Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ciao Italy

My brothers (all six of them) got together to send my father on a trip to Italy. This is one trip he says he has always wanted to take since he was young. As I drove my Dad to the airport, as we sat there watching the planes take off I knew I wanted to be with him, but this was something he needed to do on his own.Every since my Mom transitioned my father has felt an empty place in his heart where his best friend has always been. This trip is symbolic to him as we come upon her third anniversary of her transition and finding out who he now is in this world. Like looking at the present through to the past and then back to the future.

You know I sat and called in the Universe of Angelic Realms and asked them to be his guiding light in this trip with him, in everyway as I asked Archangel Michael to be his personal tour guide and keep him safe until his return to us. My brother just called to say that Dad had called and that he is in Rome getting ready to sleep for he has a big day tomorrow, that everything is good as my brother could hear the tiredness in his voice. I then went and thanked Archangel Michael for his assistance so far with Dad and then Archangel Michael said very gently “ my pleasure”. And I had the most warming love feeling surround me.

So Ciao Italy you have the most gentlest of men among you. Please feed him well, show him the sights that brings that sense of wonder to him and that he is never alone in anything he does.

I have to say that I did make one request ( which I never do) to my Dad, in that I asked “on your last day in Italy, you will be at the Vatican can you please bring me something special that catches your eyes”. I am not one to ask for anything and I am excited to see what will catch his eyes, I know that it will be the most perfect of things.

To me this is something that is a soul connection to know all that we do in this life is for the highest, all that we see in this life is for the highest and all that we ask of this life is of the highest.

The thing that will truly catch my eyes is seeing my father as he gets back off the plane from his trip to Italy. Knowing that he is God’s gift, to me. For my Dad is my friend he is my guiding light, he accepts me the way I am and he makes no judgments on what I do being a Visionary and he eats my lasagna !

So Ciao Italy, know that we love you forever!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele