Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Breath of Peace

So Much is happening in the world right now, that it is sometimes hard to see through everything around us. If you can take a moment of time to do just a few things you can bring yourself back into balance:

Take a deep breath and let it go
Thank Mother Father God for this day
Think of one thing that would be nice to say or do for someone
Remember the Kindness that you received from another person
Look or go outside and take in the beauty of Nature
Be thankful that you can see, feel and hear
Stop to watch a child laugh
Notice your child
Tell you spouse, partner or friend Hello
Tell yourself “I Love You”

When we can step back from all of the low energy that surrounds us and take a “Time Out”, we understand a little more of all that is really going on.

There is too much judgment of our own inventory right now to be aware of anything else outside of our own little world we like to create, when we open up to the possibilities that are truly around us, we can then create our “Heaven here on Earth”.

Be at Peace, Be the Peace

Be Blessed as Peace shall come to you!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele