Monday, February 11, 2008

Being Your True and Authentic Self

I see and meet so many people that sit down and talk about their spiritual journey and then as we become more involved at looking into their journey and how they integrate that in their day to day life, they back peddle with explanations that take them further away from who they are spiritually.

This is okay, but then again, how can one say they are spiritual but do not walk the spiritual path?

I know a young lady who is working hard in society in what she loves to do; she seeks all different ways to bring herself into the mainstream of that society to do her work. As she goes to meetings with these different groups and organizations, she sells herself to them and they seem receptive, and then when the time comes they do not follow through with her to integrate her into their society of systems. She feels deflated and the depressions sets in. Her work then takes a beating as she is beating herself up for trusting them to their own words.

So I have to ask, where in all of this do you see yourself in who I know you to be? Or whom you say you are? Where are you bringing your spirituality to this society?

And she always says , “ if I show them I am a spiritual light worker they do not want to hear it, they are closed to any of it, so I do not mention that I am spiritual and have all of these amazing things I do. I just need the work right now so this is the way I have to do it”

I sit back and hurt for her as I see the potential in what she can bring to the table simply by being who she is and offering her work in her authentic self. And then I have to lay it all out for her in a positive way, a way that she does not want to hear me say at all.

“ Why are you trying so hard to run away from that which you are? Why is it so hard for you to admit to others not in your own arena that you are Spiritual? Why is it when you are faced with others decision you defer to them and then ignore your own heart calling?”

Why is it that when we are faced with a choice to admit we love and have a spiritual relationship to Spirit, we shy away from being strong in it?

After much talking over a period of time, this individual admits she needs to practice more of what she does and who she is to the main stream of society. And she starts to walk more in her truths. As she does this she sees a turn around in her business and it starts to grow rapidly. She is now a very successful individual who laughs when she sees me and says “ I know that look on your face, and yes, it feels good to be who I am”.

If you find yourself in the same shoes as this young lady. Take the time to be true to your own authentic self, step up to the plate to say I am spiritual and this is who I am. I am strong in the grace of knowing I can do and be who I know I am. I am the Light that changes the World. And then be that Light and watch as your World and work changes for the Light of who you are.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele